Common eCommerce Mistakes | Decades of experience – Part #1


E-Commerce is most likely a major profit center for your business. However, you’ve seen more and more competitors enter the arena in an attempt to remove your edge. To maintain that advantage you need a planned approach followed by relentless execution.

We see quite a few mistakes as we analyze the e-commerce platforms of prospective clients. Most of the mistakes are the same every time. In this series we will layout what those mistakes are, how to analyze their impact and how to overcome those you may have.

The fact of the matter is, that you have made an enormous investment in ecommerce. From a consultive standpoint, we do not see a day on the horizon that will end that investment fuel. We recognize that balancing your available capital, your business goals and your multichannel marketing strategy can be difficult to say the least. We also know that the benefits are immense, assuming your proverbial ship comes in.

The leadership team at Viral Solutions has spent decades coaching small business owners, managing direct report sales people, consulting businesses with both a brick-and-mortar and ecommerce presence and providing marketing and sales process oversight to some of the top businesses in the country.

We have witnessed some common mistakes, some we see repeatedly, and come to a conclusion of why they exist. Our hope is to arm you with strategy, tactics and information so that you can compare and contrast a standard of best practices to your approach. Admittedly, some of these mistakes we have made ourselves. Success is a horrible teacher.

Common eCommerce Mistakes

Strategic Planning Trumps Tactics and Widgets

Many businesses that we support have an idea of what they are doing with their digital marketing. However, the majority do not have a written strategy. Most started with a passion for a craft, trade or cause and fell into digital marketing as the technology became available. Giving little thought that this venture was any different than the yellow pages or a sign post.

Today the online stars of e-commerce have a road map, have carefully designed campaigns and present their customer with an excellent experience. This designed customer journey is backed by data so that the business owner can stay ahead of the ever shifting landscape. They have a strategic marketing plan that identifies their buyer persona, they understand the prospective customer’s need, they view actions as being predictable, they coordinate advertising with their content publications and they have built a business model that can execute the delivery to fulfill the need they target.

Perhaps you are not making any mistakes and if that is the case we salute you. However, if you are like we once were, perhaps you identify with some of these mistakes. We believe that by following a set of beliefs and facts, you too can improve your ecommerce return-on-investment.

Strategic Planning Trumps Tactics and Widgets

Mistakes Witnessed

In a series of articles over the next several months we will drill-down into the most common areas where businesses make mistakes with e-commerce.

We recognize that the technology needed to establish an ecommerce platform has eliminated many obstacles for business owners. The tools, widgets and gadgets are relatively easy to setup so that you can sell on Amazon, Etsy or your own site.

However, this is where the problems begin. This isn’t the Field of Dreams set. This is business on a very competitive landscape.

Maintaining your own online shop is no small task. Long hours and polarizing opinions are your daily grind. What is successful today can be a disappointment next month without notice.

We have witnessed great ideas, innovative offers, services that fit a defined need and revolutionary products on e-commerce platforms. Only to find those systems, processes and business owners being unable to execute a plan to finality.

Why? What do these businesses have in common? What are the most common ecommerce mistakes? How can you avoid the same mistakes?

Realizing problems will arise in the future is part of the battle. Most of those problems are predictable and there is little need to reinvent the wheel when you search for solutions.

Join us as we help you avoid the most common mistakes ecommerce businesses make.

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