How to Start Charging More for Your Products or Services


At some point, you may find that you have an opportunity in your business to begin charging more for your products or services. However, there are understandable concerns that you’ll likely have — what if you have to dramatically change your product? How will existing customers feel about a price hike?

It is possible to begin charging more to improve your profitability without drastically changing your product offering.

The secret is in changing the perceived value of your product. Perceived value is basically the value that your customer places on your product and its importance to him or her. This is a completely separate idea than market value — instead, it measures how your customers feel your product satisfies their needs.

Therefore, if you can increase your perceived value, you have a better opportunity to raise your prices without causing too much of a stir. Here are some tips for doing exactly that:

In addition to these tips, remember that you don’t want to raise prices too much at any given time. However, these tips should help you to be able to start charging what you feel your product or service is actually worth.

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