Should You Focus on Facebook, a Blog or Both?


Feel as though there’s not enough time to focus on both Facebook and a blog? With multiple social media sites all vying for your time, it’s no wonder you may be considering simplifying. However, blogs and social media sites can complement each other as well as drive traffic back and forth. Because of this symbiotic relationship, a smarter approach is to become more efficient at both disciplines.

Why Continue Blogging if You’re on Facebook?

For starters, you have greater control over your website than you do over Facebook. Each blog post attracts traffic in its own right and brings visitors to your site where you can use conversion optimization techniques to turn visitors into email subscribers and buyers. While you can put opt-in forms on Facebook tabs, marketing on Facebook is far more limited than it is on your own site.

In an addition, blogging gives you something to post on Facebook. By posting links to your blog, you can start conversations, encourage sharing, and drive targeted traffic back to your website where, once again, you can work on conversions. blogging to facebook

Not only that, it’s getting harder to stand out on Facebook. Many of your followers simply won’t see your Facebook posts. Unless you have the budget for sponsored posts, the majority of your followers won’t see all of your updates.

Why Go on Facebook if You Have an Active Blog?

If blogging gives you greater control, why bother with Facebook? Integrating your blog with Facebook exposes you to a much wider audience. As users interact with blog posts that appear on Facebook, their followers see that interaction. Thus, some will click through to read your blog post resulting in more traffic to your website. From there, some will convert, others will share the post with their followers, and so on.

In addition, you can activate Facebook comments and like and share buttons on your blog. With over 1 billion active Facebook users, enabling Facebook comments and placing like and share buttons on each blog post makes it easy for your visitors to comment, like, or share your blog posts via Facebook. They can do so without having to leave your blog. Again, this means that other users will be exposed to your blog posts simply because their friends engaged with you.

Becoming a More Efficient Social Media Business User

Social media doesn’t have to consume all of your time. Use the tips below to become more efficient at both blogging and Facebook marketing.

Using a blog in conjunction with Facebook is a win-win choice. Instead of choosing one over the other, work more efficiently and use them both.

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