The Importance of Using Multiple Social Media Platforms


It's a known fact across the business world that social media is an effective marketing tool companies can utilize to promote their brands successfully. This is mainly because of the immense number of online consumers available on each platform. According to data, over 4.26 billion people across the globe use social media. The top-ranking platforms are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram. And businesses are often encouraged to develop a presence on multiple social media platforms like these. 


These stats are being challenged by unexpected advancements on some platforms. Facebook, for instance, has been trending toward a massive decline. Its daily users decreased in the latter part of 2021. Furthermore, different channels target different audiences. Depending on your target audience, you may realize that some platforms are unsuitable for your products or services. You may recognize that you'll achieve more by putting more content on some channels than others.

For marketers, this means you can't get comfortable with one social media channel for your brand. With the state of social media in 2022, you need a few accounts to fulfill different purposes. Social media demographics greatly vary, so using multiple social media platforms helps you reach a broader population.

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Presence

Many businesses often limit their social media presence due to a lack of resources or inadequate staff. This can be good in ensuring you are working within your means and not spreading yourself too thin. However, a limited presence across social platforms can be bad for business.

A good social media presence allows you to open up your business to billions of potential customers. 

The following are other reasons your business should use multiple social media platforms to your advantage:

Build Awareness 

Having a social media presence improves visibility to your target audience and potential clients who may not be familiar with your brand. Maintaining a social media presence helps you reach a wide range of audiences quickly and inexpensively, building awareness for your business and driving sales.

Demonstrate Authority

Most users quickly research a business online for more information to learn what the business is about. Without using multiple social media platforms, your potential customers won't have the trust to buy from you. Social media can help you build authority and demonstrate that your business can be trusted.

Show Authenticity 

Social media accounts give you more freedom than a website. You can be as creative as possible and showcase the brand’s personality better. Users like to see the real you to connect with the business on a personal level. For instance, you can use social media stories to capture behind-the-scenes activity in your business to demonstrate how your products are made or how the team operates. This is an excellent and fun way to show authenticity to customers.

Provide Support 

With social media, you can establish an efficient customer support network allowing customers to contact you and get all the help they need in time. This builds trust, making customers keep coming back to you until they turn into loyal customers and even recommend the brand to others.

Grow Affordably 

Successful marketing campaigns ensure great returns on investment. Social media platforms offer the best opportunities for your business to grow through affordable marketing campaigns. You can add links to your website in your social media posts and ads to share the website content. This will increase website traffic through clicks, which in turn boosts revenue.

Engage Your Customers 

Social media business accounts offer customer analytics showing you more about them, including their demographics and reactions to your accounts. This information is valuable and helps you create an approach that connects and better speaks to your existing and potential customers.

Group of business professionals using a laptop to check their company's social media platforms.

Why You Should Use Multiple Social Media Platforms

As mentioned previously, your business doesn’t need to be on every platform possible. Instead, you should focus on those your potential customers use most often. However, it’s in your best interest not to limit yourself to just one platform. 

Here’s the thing…

Only businesses with a solid social media presence will improve their conversion rate. Conversely, those without active social media availability could lose customers, leading to low revenue.

Below are some vital reasons why you need to utilize multiple social media platforms:

Increased Audience Reach

Using multiple social media platforms gives your business improved ways to reach various audiences by taking advantage of each platform's features. Different platforms naturally present different target markets that you can use for various purposes.

Improved Search Rankings

Being on multiple social media platforms also gives you greater opportunities to rank in search—both in the platforms themselves and on Google. 

Channels such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and even TikTok allow users to directly search for and discover new content based on their interests. Optimizing your content for specific keywords can increase the likelihood of it appearing in the results. 

But more than that, having popular content on several channels can help you rank in Google as well. Of course, the content must be comprehensive and engaging to attract attention. But social sharing and reposting can increase your visibility, boost traffic, and encourage backlinks. All of these social signals then suggest to Google that your content is valuable, which can indirectly improve your site’s rankings in the search engine. 

Variety of Media Content

The use of social media is evolving, and so are businesses. Your brand can use multiple platforms to create content that fits different formats, including videos, blog posts, infographics, images, etc. This helps demonstrate your expertise and invite new customers.

That said, video content is now being prioritized by all platforms. 

The Decline of Facebook (Meta Platforms)

The Meta family of apps continues to record modest growth of monetizable active users. However, Facebook is reported to experience an exponential fall in user growth for the first time since its inception. According to a report, the time spent per user on Facebook declined by 24% between October and December 2021. The company recorded a topline of $33.67 billion within the three months, while the previous year reported $28.07 billion during the same period.

This dealt a massive blow to the proposed vertical integration of the company's metaverse. But these changes show the direction social media is taking, and digital marketers should pay close attention to the trends and use effective strategies such as utilizing multiple platforms to avoid such blows. In addition, marketers should use these challenges to ensure that their digital marketing strategy will still be effective in years to come.

Improve Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

With the world rapidly advancing, social media marketing will continue to be a crucial strategy even beyond 2022, and businesses can always find ways to advance their approach. While not every channel is suitable for every brand, it's incredibly beneficial to be as visible as possible to enhance your presence and improve your chances of being noticed.

If you want to grow your social media audience, boost your search rankings, and enhance brand awareness, then you need to be visible on multiple social media platforms.

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