Milestones play a recurring role in your content creation strategy


Not sure what to tweet about day in, day out, year in, year out? You need a content calendar. A content calendar is simply a calendar filled with ideas for content creation. Spend a few hours brainstorming ideas, schedule them in your calendar, and then refer to your calendar before updating your social media profiles and you’ll never face writer’s block again. While there are many approaches to creating content calendars, one of the easiest first steps is to use milestones.

Milestones are important dates that have significant meaning. They are reasons for celebration! Thus, they’re also perfect for sharing on social media. For example, the anniversary of your company’s founding is a milestone that should be celebrated each year. You may even want to create a social media campaign or contest around your company’s anniversary each year. Thus, not only is your content calendar going to be useful in terms of content creation, it could also be instrumental in planning marketing campaigns.

Which milestones matter? Start with your business. Obviously, the company’s launch date is a big one. The same could be said for the introduction of one of its best-selling products. You could also celebrate employee anniversaries if it makes sense. content creation calendar

Next, think about milestones that affect your industry. For example, if you’re a video game developer, you might celebrate the launch date of Tennis for Two. Likewise, if you run a social media page for a specialty food producer, you might look for food-related milestones such as “Chocolate Day.”

Depending on the nature of your business, sporting events, television shows, and pop culture milestones may make sense. A comic shop, for example, would likely tweet about the opening day of the next Superman or Spiderman movie while a sporting goods store would be all over Superbowl Sunday.

If your company has a long history and interesting historical photos, consider marking some of the company’s milestones on Throwback Thursday (#TBT). Throwback Thursday has become wildly popular, and it’s the perfect opportunity for sharing some of your history.

The first year is the hardest because you have to think about all of these milestones as well as discover upcoming dates that might be interesting to your audience. However, these milestones repeat, making your original content calendar reusable year after year.

As your year progresses, new milestones will happen. You’ll launch new products, bring in new team members, and participate in various events. These are future milestones. Add them to next year’s content calendar.

Milestones play a recurring role in your content creation strategy, and are a fantastic starting point. Once you’ve plotted out a year’s worth of milestones, the next step is to flesh out your content calendar with other topics.

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