Investigate Your Customer Before You Work With Them


Not so long ago, one of the most effective ways of building a strong customer relationship was to make sure that you  had excellent records of your customer's preferences after you've worked with them. You know, that legal pad of notes you kept in a file folder. That way, you would remember everything about this customer in the future, impressing them with your memory and making sure that all of your services were fitted to their needs in the future. Like the name of their dog, spouse, place of birth or college they attended. Hopefully you made notes well enough to remember whether it was the dog or the spouse they brought back from college.

Are those days are gone? Does that stuff matter anymore with all this electronic gadgetry we live with? More than ever!

However, to some degree the sustainability of a high touch customer relationship is gone. The business world caught up to that standard long ago, and it's now no longer enough to personalize your services to your customer after beginning a relationship. Today, successful businesses need to be able to know exactly what a customer wants and likes before they even work together. Otherwise, you quickly fall behind the curve.

This means your customer already checked you out anonymously. 80% of their decision to do business with you is made up before they contact you. You should be doing the anonymous online searchsame. But how exactly can you do that? Here are some ideas:

The depth and strength of a relationship with a customer is still important in the business world, but today you need to lose your memory and instead focus on solving problems and fulfilling requests and expectations before they even arise. By profiling your average customers and tracking the way people interact with your online presence, you will be much more successful at this.

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