How to Set Up Effective Facebook Advertisements


Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool if businesses know how to use it to its maximum potential. Moving from free page posts to premium Facebook Ads can help expose your business to Facebook’s 700 million daily users.

Make sure your Facebook advertising investment is worthwhile with these tips for effective Facebook ads.

Create video content

Video content is much more engaging than pictures, and certainly more than plain text. Facebook is prioritizing video content both from advertisers and users, evidenced by their new autoplay feature. Video ads may help boost your exposure from the site. Not sure where to start on video content? Create film responses to your FAQs. Show potential customers what problems your product or service solves and how it works. Keep videos short – try to stay under 30 seconds.

facebook advertising

Facebook advertising has turned into a necessary skill set for many digital marketers. It’s the largest social network in the world, and the amount of data they’ve acquired about their user base is nothing short of remarkable. As a result, Facebook has been a game changer for many small businesses. tristan tan /

Add the Facebook pixel to posts

Facebook offers a unique tool that allows you to track a specific goal, like sales conversions or site registrations. To unlock Facebook pixel, copy the Facebook-generated HTML code (found under the Facebook Pixel tab in Ad Manager), and paste it into to all of your webpages. You then select an objective in ad creation, select ‘Increase conversions on your website,’ and choose a specific conversion goal, like making a purchase. Facebook then tracks how often your ad led to a conversion, letting you know your ad’s value.

Create Facebook custom audiences

Custom Audiences let you reach customers you already know with ads on Facebook. You can upload a list of email addresses or phone numbers of at least 20 people and Facebook will deliver your ad to those people if they're on Facebook. You can also build audiences from the people that visit your website or from people who use your mobile app. Then expand those audiences with Lookalike Audiences. Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to customers you care about. When you use Custom Audiences, you can choose to create a Lookalike Audience that targets people who are similar to one of your Custom Audience lists. Lookalike Audiences help you reach people who are similar to your current customers for fan acquisition, website registration, off-Facebook purchases, coupon claims and brand awareness.

Target your audiences even further

This is the process of defining an audience for your ads. In the audience section of ad creation or Power Editor, you can choose to target people based on their interests. Interests may include things people share on their Timelines, apps they use, Pages they like and other activities on and off of Facebook. Interests may also factor in demographics such as age, gender and location. For example, if you're a yoga studio in San Francisco, you may select interests that are more broad, like “Fitness and wellness” as well as very specific interests related to Yoga, like “Bikram Yoga.”

Use custom links to track metrics

If you have a Google Analytics profile for your website (and you should), you can use its capabilities to track which pages are looked at most, and which sites are referring visitors. Take advantage of these features by creating custom URLs to insert into your ads. Shrink the URLs with a service like Google URL Shortener or Bitly to make them easier to insert in posts. Then, track which links produce the most traffic and which are more likely to lead to purchases. There’s a large amount of learning potential: you can use this method to test ad copy, determine whether video or photo is more effective, find out whether or Facebook or Twitter leads to more conversions.

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