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Once you’ve got your small business established, it’s good to get the word out through as many avenues as possible. However, it’s not as simple as sending off a few email blasts to news outlets and waiting for them to come and publicize you. It takes a proactive approach to advertising and an understanding of the effectiveness of the methods available to you to find success in this area.

Here are some ways that will make it easier for you to reach out and connect with the press:

Make sure you’re presenting the right message. You need to have one clear, understandable message about who you are as a company and what makes your business worth paying Woman using her smartphone and lots of people portraits around her. Mobile technology conceptattention to. Not only will this make media companies more likely to pick up your story, but it will also create stronger communication with the general public. Then connect with those leaders in your field, hear their message, make it known you can add value – then deliver.

Write press releases. Drafting press releases allows you to make broad announcements about specific newsworthy pieces of information relating to your business. There are a number of press release distribution services that will take your release and blast them out to media outlets across the nation or simply to local sources. It’s a simple way of making sure you spread out your message. However, remember this, press releases are easy to overuse and to use sources that are not legitimate. Do you research!

Run a blog. While a blog won’t initially help you to get noticed by journalists, it will in the long run so long as you stick with it. The more content you build up on your blog and the larger the readership you gain, the more likely it is that journalists will be attracted to your website to see the kind of expertise you have and realize that your business really has a story to tell. Having a blog is also a way to demonstrate that you are great at communicating a message or story, which is something most journalists are looking for.

Connect with journalists on social media. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or otherwise, you can find most journalists on social media sites. Follow them, interact with them and build a relationship in that way. This could result in them covering you at some point down the road.

Familiarize yourself with the work of journalists. If you know a journalist’s body of work and believe that your business is a good fit for their typical style of story, you can make a better pitch for why they should cover you.

Keep these tips in mind, and connect with Viral Solutions for more content marketing ideas and assistance.
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