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It can be a tough sell to get great, qualified employees to jump aboard a small company that is still in its start-up phase. You don’t have as much money to offer as other larger companies, or the same types of perks and benefits, so you shouldn’t even try to compete in those areas. There are, however, certain selling points that small businesses have that larger ones don’t.

Here are a few points of emphasis to talk about when interviewing potential employees for a small business:

Leadership opportunities. Small companies give employees a chance to jump into important leadership roles much earlier than larger companies, Florist Working In Flower Shopespecially if the small company is a rapidly growing one. While you should never promise specific future roles, you should be clear that there are advancement opportunities within your company if they are able to prove themselves as an employee.
Chance for growth. Not only do employees of small companies get to play a major role in the way the company grows in size and scope, but there are also lots of opportunities for personal and professional growth given the responsibilities they could assume right from the beginning of their employment.
Close community. People want to work for a company where they like their coworkers and where there is a solid support system. If you can build a tight-knit community in your company, that will go a long way toward convincing good workers to come to you. You also shouldn’t underestimate the importance of everyone within the company having close access to you as the owner and leader.
Creative freedom. Large corporations generally already have rigid policies in place, and employees are encouraged to not rock the boat. Small companies offer many more opportunities for risks and creativity, so bolder employees looking to be able to take chances will likely find a home in a small business.
Flexibility. Again, all of the policies and procedures in place at large companies can be limiting, especially when it comes to flexibility. The flexibility of small companies creates a lot of opportunities for innovation and a potentially more relaxed environment.

Do these characteristics apply to your small business? Work with Viral Solutions to learn more about what you should emphasize about your company in the interview room with prospective employees.

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