Viral Solutions Named CIOReview Company of the Year 2020


Full-service digital marketing agency Viral Solutions was named CIOReview Company of the Year on the magazine’s list of “20 Most Promising Web Design and Development Solution and Service Providers – 2020.”  

Viral Solutions is thrilled to announce the company was once again recognized in CIOReview. This time, however, the full-service digital marketing agency was given even higher praise. In the magazine’s December 22 issue featuring the “20 Most Promising Web Design and Development Solution and Service Providers – 2020,” Viral Solutions was named CIOReview Company of the Year. 

Badge indicating Viral Solutions LLC as CIOReview Company of the Year among web design and development solution providers

Each year, CIOReview aims to help businesses navigate through best-in-class web design and development vendors by providing a list of the most promising organizations in this sphere. Those highlighted in this annual listing offer solutions that help businesses… 

Moreover, they’ve demonstrated their ability to apply the latest technologies so that businesses stay current and relevant while delivering the best website experience possible.  

Recognizing Viral Solutions’ Commitment to Helping Businesses Grow

Viral Solutions’ placement in this issue was due in large part to the agency’s work designing beautiful, fast-loading, mobile-friendly, and well-optimized websites that drive real results for businesses. To bolster an organization’s online presence, a great website is an absolute must. However, those at Viral Solutions understand there are a lot of complexities involved, which can leave business owners feeling confused. 

That’s why Viral Solutions simplifies the process by providing web design and development services that business owners can depend on to fuel growth. 

“We offer our clients more than just a design; we help them grow their business by enabling them to convert more.”—Christine Kelly, CEO and Queen Bee

Beyond just website work, Viral Solutions being named CIOReview Company of the Year 2020 was also a result of the company’s commitment to helping businesses grow in general. 

There’s no question this past year posed countless challenges to individuals and businesses alike. Yet Viral Solutions’ mission to provide businesses with the guidance and services necessary to facilitate growth remained unchanged. 

For years, Viral Solutions has taken a strategy-first mind-set with a hard emphasis on data. Gleaning insights from analytics ensures the team understands what works and what doesn’t. As a result, they were able to react quicker to the crisis so that clients were positioned to flourish instead of struggling to survive.  

Looking to the Future

Viral Solutions’ business experience coupled with the use of winning processes, adoption of the latest tools, and support of a talented team has helped small and midsize organizations grow prior to the pandemic, as well as thrive during it. The Viral Solutions team is proud to have been named CIOReview Company of the Year 2020 and looks forward to continuing to deliver high-quality work and grow with both current and future partners!

“We have just one goal: double the size of our client’s business through effective marketing.”—Thomas von Ahn, CMO

To read the article about Viral Solutions, you can find a digital version here: 


At Viral Solutions we are committed to seeing YOU succeed. It is our goal to grow your business with proven digital marketing strategies that will help your business for the long haul.

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