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Viral Solutions was recently featured in a special edition of CIOReview. This particular issue comprised a list of the “10 Most Promising Web Design and Development Consulting/Services Companies – 2019,” and Viral Solutions was named as one of those to watch out for.

For those unfamiliar with CIOReview, this print publication strives to guide organizations through the ever-changing landscape of technology, providing them with insights into IT trends as well as enterprise solutions that aid in improving productivity.

In addition to “bridging the gap between enterprise IT vendors and buyers,” CIOReview offers a wealth of information to business owners who need assistance navigating the technology sphere. Individuals may find CIOReview to be a valuable resource for advice on the following:

Chosen by a panel of CEOs, CIOs, and members of the magazine’s editorial team, the list of rising web development companies highlighted in the April 2, 2019, issue consisted of 10 businesses located across the country—from California to Massachusetts. A few, including Viral Solutions, are based in the Midwest yet provide their services to businesses all over the world.

A couple of members of Viral Solutions’ team were given the opportunity to talk about what they offer in terms of web development and digital marketing services.

Our services streamline and integrate the marketing and sales processes before building a website to ensure that their value proposition is showcased to users in an effective manner.Jordan Thomas

Though the other companies put under the spotlight in this issue of CIOReview offer web development services, Viral Solutions was praised for the strategy-first approach used to empower clients, noting that the team selects the appropriate tactics based upon the developed strategy—not the other way around. 

The interview also gave Viral Solutions a chance to demonstrate how the company tailors each project to provide the client with the best possible results.  

In a recent collaboration with a sign shop, we reviewed the existing website and only updated its technology and themes for enhanced security and faster loading time, without making any significant changes to the branding and logo.”—Lindsey Perron

To read the article in its entirety, you can find a digital version of the special edition of CIOReview here:

If you’d prefer to skip ahead, Viral Solutions is featured on page 37.


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