Business Etiquette; a Lost Art?


Is business etiquette a lost art? Perhaps the new era and next generation of business people are not aware of the intricacies of etiquette or simple manners? Or is that the easy answer to excuse a lack of knowledge or perhaps, poor management and/or training?

In general, business etiquette follows the same rules Miss Manners became famous for, many years ago.

“Grace, good manners, and good sense. “

I wrote this post as a reminder to myself. In this age of inclusion, it is easy to keep everyone in the loop and to make sure your colleagues are informed of all the appointments that they should be aware of. The trigger was when a colleague rescheduled one of my appointments, with one of my business contacts, so that they could attend. Rescheduled without my direction, permission, or acknowledgement. They hid behind supervisor direction. I was labeled as inflexible, and not a team player. All I could do was muster as much grace as I could, hold my head high, and accept the decision. Perhaps next time I will handle it more gracefully. That, and no more cc’s on any other appointments.

There’s good manners, and then there’s good sense.


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