The Biggest Marketing Lies You’ll Hear as a Business Owner


So you’ve just gotten your business up and running, and now the time has come to work on your marketing campaign to get the word out. If you choose to work with a marketing expert or consultant, be sure that you’re prepared for a lot of talk about the huge potential your business has.

While it’s good to be excited about your prospects, it’s also important that you stay grounded and realistic, which means ignoring a lot of the lies or half-truths you’ll hear from marketers.

Here are some quotes to look out for:

“We’ve got exactly what you need for success.”

Remember, it’s this person’s job to sell you on their services. Be skeptical of anyone who comes out promising to have the single solution to all your business’s problems, or anyone who makes you feel lucky that you found their organization or services. There’s no such thing as a single magic trick for marketing success. Good marketing takes time, patience and planning.

“[Insert marketing tactic] is a thing of the past.”

For example, there are many marketing professionals that will talk all day about how radio is dead, or about how print marketing has gone the way of the dodo, but the fact is that you can’t simply ignore whole marketing tactics, because their success varies depending on the type of business and how you intend to use it. People who try to tell you that certain marketing tactics no longer work are likely trying to limit your choices to what they can sell you.

“There’s not really any way to measure this.”

If you’re spending money on something, you’d better be able to evaluate how successful it is, otherwise it’s a waste of money. People who use lines like this are simply trying to remove responsibility from themselves for the success of your marketing campaign.

“This is guaranteed to work.”

The fact is, there are no guarantees in marketing, ever. Marketing professionals who truly want to help you will never promise you the world—they’ll be realistic with what you can expect, be upfront about what may or may not work and promise you that they’ll do their best to help you find a strategy that works for your business. But you should never expect guaranteed success for any marketing endeavor.

Be on the look out for these marketing lies—it’s easy to get caught up in the big-talking nature of these quotes, but it’s important to stay level headed when you’re determining how to spend your money on marketing.

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