10 Medspa Marketing Ideas to Help Grow Your Client Base


A solid marketing strategy is crucial, especially for an up-and-coming industry like the medical spa industry, which is estimated to reach a staggering $27.6 billion by 2025. But whether your business is currently in the midst of growth or not, your success will rely on a constant stream of fresh medspa marketing ideas. 

Having a marketing strategy specific to your industry is the key to your success, and the tactics you employ should be determined by that strategy. 

The first step to thriving in the medical spa industry is to research the other fish in the sea with you. That means conducting research on your competition and target audience

But that’s for another article…

Here, we wanted to provide you with some of the best medspa marketing ideas to help you promote your offerings online with more precision—because if you don’t get your net and bait right, the fish won’t come.

10 Medspa Marketing Ideas Worth Trying

There’s no shortage of marketing tactics available to medical spa owners right now. But the question is, what will your ideal customers be drawn to the most? We’ve compiled 10 medspa marketing ideas that adhere to best practices and can help you bring in the right clients…

1) Engage in Segmentation & Personalization

First and foremost, you need to know that personalization and segmentation are key to making it in this industry (and, let’s face it, every industry). The proof is stacking up as to why:

Obviously, making an extra and more innovative effort to personalize your marketing works. So, with all the medspa marketing ideas you take on, consider how you can personalize. 

2) Develop a Membership Program

Memberships aren’t just for gyms. As long as you offer some recurring services, you can create a medical spa membership. Or, you could just have a membership that gives clients special perks and discounts on all of your services.

People love to feel exclusive and special, and that’s what a membership does. With this type of client loyalty program, you can keep your clients coming back and feeling good about it.

Happy members become raving fans who return time and time again and recommend your clinic to their friends. They act as a pipeline, attracting more like-minded people without any extra effort on your part.

Beautician taking selfie with medical spa client wearing face mask.

Social media is obviously one of the best ways to reach potential clients. But it’s also a great place to work on segmentation and personalization of your leads and clients. 

You don’t need a new statistic here to know how social media trends attract customers to businesses, but what you do need is to stay up to date with it.

Applying some of the latest social media trends—like setting up a selfie station—can go a long way. Have you noticed that people love to tell others about what they’re doing? 

A selfie station is a fun way to help them do that. Encourage them to snap a photo with some of your props and post it with a branded hashtag. Maybe give them something extra or a little discount for doing it. The user-generated content they provide will be more than worth it. 

Other current social media trends include:

Keep up with additional social media trends like this and you’ll never run out of medspa marketing ideas!

4) Bring Your Community Engagement Online

Your digital presence speaks volumes about your services. But to really stand out as the go-to medical spa in your area, you’ll want to get involved in your community. You’ll take that to a whole new level, however, when you combine the two. 

Participate in medical events, festivals, and other community events to keep your business in the public eye, and then make fun and engaging posts about it on your social media Stories. 

When people see your company everywhere they go, online and off, they’ll think of you when they go searching for med spa services.

5) Create Custom Packages

We all love receiving a package in the mail, and we love service packages just the same. By bundling several services or several the same service into one nice package, you not only sell more in one shot but also delight your clients since they’ll enjoy more value.

This medspa marketing idea keeps your clients coming back on a regular basis, giving you the opportunity to market to them in more ways as well.

6) Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

No one likes a repetitive and invasive cold calling or mailing approach. It doesn’t usually work very well, and it leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Email marketing is a much better way to go these days, but you have to do it right.

A staggering 60% of people actually want to receive emails from companies they love! So, make interactions with your medical spa fun and enjoyable (and, of course, provide stellar services), and you too can be loved.

Then, carry that through in your email marketing by creating content they’ll actually want to read:

7) Create a Referral Program

Referrals dig deep into human psychology and help attract more people than most modern marketing methods. 

In the medical spa industry, referrals matter even more than in others because people want the same results as their friends and relatives. A happy customer is much more likely to refer and generate endless word-of-mouth marketing. 

Come up with an enticing referral program that allows your current clients to earn rewards for referring business your way. It’s a win for everyone involved!

8) Introduce Add-On Services

Medical spa associate consulting young woman on services in treatment room.

While most people will come to your medical spa with one purpose, showcasing different options before or after the sessions helps them look forward to more. Upgrading their service with small, related offerings can help improve customer satisfaction as long as you do it in a way that feels helpful instead of salesy. 

And the best part? If you do it right, you’ll increase your sales significantly since human psychology often looks at small add-ons as complementary or highly beneficial. 

9) Encourage and Utilize Online Reviews

In a world where people have all the information they need at their fingertips, people are doing their own research. They are vetting companies before even calling them simply from their online presence.  

That means that online reviews matter… a lot. 

They are one of the main reasons why a prospect will decide to give their business to you or another clinic. 

At the end of your client’s session, ask for a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or any other platform. If you’ve done a good job, it’ll be a good one. And then you can go on to showcase that positive review on your website and in other marketing materials. 

10) Demonstrate Social Responsibility

People today are becoming more aware of how businesses work; therefore, it’s crucial to act as a forward-thinking part of society. Businesses with outdated practices that don’t follow environmental, social, or product and service concerns are less likely to attract customers. 

Using cruelty-free, eco-friendly, organic, or vegan products and ideologies in your business shows your thought leadership. And research proves that businesses that use social responsibility in their techniques do better.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to grow your client base and take your clinic to the next level, you need a solid marketing strategy. That said, with these medspa marketing ideas, you can supplement your overall strategy to stay relevant and generate new business. 

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