When to be a Coach, and When to be a Boss


There are many different type of management styles, but if you had to divide hem into two groups, there'd be “coaches” and “bosses.” A coach management style is a type of leadership in which a person emphasizes motivation, training, personal development and the overall needs of the employees. A boss management style is the more traditional office structure, in which the employees follow the directions of their boss in a standard top-down structure.

There is a time and place for each of these styles, and the best business owners know when to be a coach and when to be a boss.

Consider the following tips:

In general, the type of method that will give you the happiest, most motivated employees is the coaching method, but remember: there is a proper time and place to be the “boss” as well. What's important is knowing when you need to use each managerial style, and adjusting to the situation you find yourself in with your business.

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Thomas von Ahn | Chief Elephant Slayer | Viral Solutions LLC

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