Ways That You Can Avoid Burnout


Burnout is an extremely common problem for entrepreneurs. When you own your own small business, it’s really easy (especially in the early phases) to work long hours and not take enough breaks. But this type of behavior is unhealthy, and could wind up having some long-term harm on yourself and your business prospects.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you avoid burning out on the job: 
shutterstock_156983240 (800x533)Get restThis is the single biggest tip that will help you avoid burnout. Get plenty of sleep, set aside some time to read, take a long walk or do whatever it is you need to do on a daily basis to have some time to yourself where you’re not focusing on work. 
Get unplugged. For a certain amount of time every day, try to remove yourself from all devices. This means no cell phone, no computer, no television or anything else that will have you sitting in front of a screen. It’s amazing how refreshing this time can be, especially when you’re likely spending a ton of time in front of a computer for work every day.
Get a change of scenery. Don’t feel like you always have to work in the same place. Even if you’re working in an office environment, get out and move around every now and then and take your work with you. If you’re working remotely, get outside and work on nice days, or go to a coffee shop every now and then. A change of scenery can really do you some good.
Reflect on your purpose. Every now and then it’s important to remember why you started your business, the initial excitement of the whole venture and the goals that you are working toward. This will help you to regain some perspective on days where you’re feeling particularly stressed.
Get help. If you find that you’re stretching yourself far too thin, it may be time to add another person to your team to whom you can delegate some of the tasks that are keeping you so busy.
Life is too short to constantly be burned out by your work.
Consider some of these strategies and curb your risk of burnout.

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by Christine Kelly

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