Viral Solutions and Michigan Secure Capital Group Form Partnership


Viral Solutions is proud to announce a partnership with Michigan Secure Capital Group, a company specializing in capital development and business services for hard-to-fund niche projects with a focus on philanthropy. The goal of the partnership is to expand Michigan Secure Capital Group’s reach, providing support and capital for more unique ventures.

About Michigan Secure Capital Group

Michigan Secure Capital Group’s mission is to help unique ventures unlock their potential for growth and innovation. Noticing that traditional financing often fails innovators and philanthropists, the team decided to use their 200 years of collective business and finance experience to come up with a more flexible solution. Those with niche projects can apply for Michigan Secure Capital Group’s capital development program and receive custom financing based on their needs.

The company provides funding for…

…and more. 

Additionally, Michigan Secure Capital Group offers a wide range of business services—from business plan development and consulting to technology risk management services and consulting.

Ultimately, the company seeks to support innovative ideas and philanthropic efforts by giving individuals the keys to success.

What This Partnership Entails

With years of experience providing marketing support to various businesses, start-ups, and nonprofit organizations, Viral Solutions is the perfect choice to help Michigan Secure Capital Group fulfill its mission.

Already, the team has created a solid foundation for the company by developing branding guidelines and a brand-new website. Moving forward, Viral Solutions aims to increase awareness of the capital development and business services available to unique ventures.

By working together, Viral Solutions and Michigan Secure Capital Group can ensure more innovators and philanthropists are informed about funding opportunities that may otherwise go overlooked.

What the Leaders Have to Say

Christine Kelly, CEO of Viral Solutions:

“We look forward to contributing to Michigan Secure Capital Group’s mission and lifting up business and nonprofit ventures that may otherwise struggle to reach their full potential.”

Robert Morales, President of Michigan Secure Capital Group

“We believe in ensuring the success of every niche project brought to us. That’s why, beyond funding, we have partnered with a world-class digital marketing agency to support individuals and their success.”

The partnership between Viral Solutions and Michigan Secure Capital Group promises to be a mutually beneficial one. The Viral Solutions team believes in Michigan Secure Capital Group’s mission and is proud to play a role in fulfilling it.

To learn more about Michigan Secure Capital Group, visit If you have a project you need help with, don’t hesitate to contact them.


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