Vine Videos Encourage Whimsical Approach to Telling Business Story


Most business people, especially those in the developing stages of their careers, know how an effective “elevator presentation” can open doors and create opportunities. A Vine video falls in the same category—a quick, snappy introduction to your company or your product, or a fun reminder just to reinforce your brand.

In business today, you don’t get much time to make a pitch. That first impression can be all-important, and if you blow it, you often have to just move on to the next customer, pitch, or opportunity. What if you could grab more attention instead of fighting for small bits of notice?

Fast and Outrageous

The importance of being innovative is a concept espoused by many successful entrepreneurs, none who embrace it more vividly than Bob Parsons, GoDaddy founder, as well all know by now. Being a bit quirky in management style and vine videosmarketing messages works well for firms from airlines to non-profits. “Out-of-the-box” marketing characterizes Vine, and the face of business interaction with the public is changing because of these short bursts of information.

Keeping the message fresh, and staying attuned to customers’ changing needs are keys to success in the fast-paced world of business today. E-commerce firms in particular stand to benefit from promoting their brands in eye-popping, far-from-mainstream manner. Established retail firms and service companies simply want to get in on the fun.

Hanging on the Vine

Six-seconds are hardly enough time to blink, and certainly less than enough time to think seriously about the message. But, that may be just the point. With a six-second Vine video, the viewer reacts. Hopefully, that reaction is a smile, a nod or share, meaning they understand the value or noteworthiness of the tidbit of information transmitted.

These fun little bits of colorful and whimsical multimedia blurbs appear before your eyes for a short burst. Most Vine videos are on a repeating loop, but viewing one that way is certainly not the point of the message. Major companies use them. The Gap did a Vine to showcase footwear, and home improvement giant, Lowe’s, produced one to demonstrate cleaning products, according to

Vines are not limited to advertising, and can fit into any niche. For example, Penn Foster, a leading online school offering programs such as business management associates degrees, has also jumped on the Vine wagon. The school has recently posted Vines of their SXSW panels that included current students and recent grads representing Penn Foster’s programs. Anyone can create and use a Vine for just about anything, so sky’s the limit.

Small Messages, Quick Bites

Consumers want their information in small bites today, as the marketing experts at Search Engine Land say. They may spend time researching pros and cons or reading analytical information on their own, but if they’re going to respond to an online message, they’re going to do it quickly. Condensed six-second Vine commercials are as effective as full-length, professionally produced videos.

The incredible growth of the free mobile app demonstrates its popularity. Vine has more than 40 million users. Even major corporations today are using the graphic “tweets” for everything from staying in touch with customers and introducing new products to offering “how-to” tips. Part of the fun of “the Vine” is the videos can easily be embedded and shared on Twitter or Facebook.

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