Have to vs Choose to – The Slap in the Face to Time Management


"Have to" v. "Choose to" - The Slap in the Face to Time ManagementAre you feeling overwhelmed with the endless to-do lists, activities, and of the other crazy thoughts that are running in your mind? Do you have the, I “have to” do this, syndrome with your daily activities. Only to feel even more drained the instant the words float out of your mouth?  Well, this article may just very well be the wake up call to help bring some overdue perspective to your monotonous to-do list. A few short paragraphs may even empower you to shift your time management, to a more time and energy saving “choose to”  framework that fits you.

I “have to” do… Okay, let’s get this straight from the get-go, you don’t have to do anything. You are choosing to do whatever it is that is on your list to do. You may argue, but my job requires XYZ, and if I don’t attend, I’ll lose my job. You may be right, but you may also be wrong. This doesn't suggest to do nothing, rather to shift your attitude toward the things that you choose to do. This includes your perspective or attitude towards the “have to” get done today list. Seriously, you know the list that you dread and the one that causes frustration. Take a moment to think about why it causes such a shift in your physiology. Why? Probably because you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to get everything done within the allocated time of the day.

I “choose to” do… Rehash the last sentence. You may lack clarity in how you’re going to get your “have to” do’s done because there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day, but what if you were challenged to reflect on attitudes towards what you “choose to do”. Meaning, what if you sat back and reviewed your tasks, goals, and nightmares that you subjectively acknowledge need to be done. Could you use this moment to identify, organize, prioritize, and delegate tasks? You bet your sanity you could!

Take 30 minutes to sip on your coffee, listen to your favorite music, and review your plan of “have to” do’s. Identify, organize, prioritize, and select the tasks that you “choose to” do. Perhaps, you’re in a "Have to" v. "Choose to" - The Slap in the Face to Time Managementsituation, and you have a team-member or someone that you could sub-out some of your “have to” do’s and you could to pass off to him or her and regain additional time and energy to work on the “choose to” do’s in a more empowered and energized manner. Create your “choose to” do’s in the most productive manner that will yield the greatest results for you, your organization, and your clients. You are your keeper and releaser of energy, choose wisely, specifically, and with intended purpose. The moment you start reverting to running around or panicking about all of the things that you need to do, walk away, grab a hot tea, and give yourself a 15-minute chillout to refocus, regain, and re-energize your creative, productive diva.

This isn’t going to work for me…Ask yourself why? Maybe that’s not the case for you, and you truly “have to” and really have to “choose to” do everything under the sun today, tomorrow, and until you get out of your ram-rod funk that will ultimately send you home with a work-induced meltdown (however, it’s a you-induced meltdown – you chose it). If this sounds more like your situation, you may want to consider getting a life coach to help you help yourself. No joke. Been there, done that, and when you run yourself into the ground, who’s left? So, are you going to have a “have to” or “choose to” kind of day?

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Copyright Viral Solutions llc © 2014. All Rights Reserved
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