Staying Motivated – Easier Said, Than Done. Wrong! 4 Simple Strategies to Lasting Motivation.


“I think every athlete will tell you no matter what sport you're in, when you train so hard and when you care so much about doing what you do, there's a little bit of nerves that come with that. But nerves that won't prevent you from performing, nerves that, hopefully, allow you to be that much more motivated and inspired to do well.” – Sidney Crosby.

You control the level of motivation that is or isn’t present. Some people might light the fire of motivation here and there, but they aren’t keepers of your motivation – you are. Knowing that you are the one in the driver’s seat of continued motivation may excite or totally freak you out.

Whatever side of the motivation fence you’re sitting on, know that it can change. Ideally, that change promotes a continued lifestyle of choosing motivation. Here are 4 tips that you can do today to start and maintain your motivation:

  1. Condition Your Mind & Body. Your thoughts shape your state of mind, actions, and world. When you’re stressed, it impacts every aspect of your life. When you’re in a state of peace, joy, and Staying Motivated - Easier Said, Than Done. Wrong!confidence your world changes. Here, practicing emotional intelligence techniques to understand your “why” with emotions, attitudes, and beliefs will help you to identify your peak mental environment that harbors your motivation. Your emotional intelligence provides essential feedback about your state, and that feedback can also be experienced through your physical body. Likewise, so does your body. Listening to both your emotional and physical indicators, can help you to condition your mind and body to be in a peak state that supports your motivated lifestyle.
  2. Be Choosy. Be around positive, realistic, and energizing people. Avoid loud and vexatious people. If he or she drains you, that person is probably someone you should limit or remove from your daily interactions. Relationships with people impact you. Purposefully identifying the value that each relationships brings to you. Then using that knowledge to design your network of people that are encouraging and empowering will be paramount to sustainable motivation and a joyous life.
  1. Embrace Positive Routines. Build a proactive routine that fits you, your goals, promotes an emotional, spiritual, and physical lifestyle. Having a routine that helps to support your mission, happiness, and growth. This can come in the form of meditation, fitness, professional and personal development, listening to music, goal setting, and making time for things that Staying Motivated - Easier Said, Than Done. Wrong!you enjoy doing that can help you to start and end your day feeling empowered.
  1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Every. Single. Day. Motivation requires daily attention. Likewise, it also requires that you get out of complacency and be a game changer everyday. Putting in the extra effort to move from yesterday’s normal to to today’s extraordinary. Doing so, illustrates and reaffirms your determined pattern of taking on new tasks, overcoming obstacles, and refuels your motivation mindset that you can do it.

Building your motivation mindset today is for today. As Zig Ziglar oh-so eloquently stated, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily,”. Refueling your motivation today, will help with your motivation journey tomorrow.

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