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If you have spent any time on Twitter, you already know how to retweet. There’s not much to it, really. Simply click the Retweet link followed by the Retweet button and off it goes. Ah, but that’s not how the pros do it. Yes, there’s more to retweeting than meets the eye. Use the tips below to start retweeting like a pro.

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1. Don’t simply retweet, quote. Though retweeting using the Retweet link and button is easy, there’s another way that’s not all that difficult. Plus, it helps to get your @username included in future retweets. Copy and paste the tweet into your Compose New Tweet box and place “RT @username” at the beginning of the tweet. This indicates that it’s a retweet, and it will notify the original tweeter that you retweeted it. However, should one of your followers deem that tweet retweet-worthy, when that users retweets it, your @username as well as the original tweeter’s @username will be tweeted in the new retweet. This simple tweak can expose your @username to many other Twitter users, some of whom may choose to follow you.

2. Choose relevant tweets to retweet. Think about your followers before you retweet anything. What are their interests? What do they enjoy? Ideally, you should know this because you have targeted a specific type of follower in the first place. Assuming you sell pet supplies and have a list of dog and cat lovers, you would want to retweet tweets that dog and cat lovers would enjoy rather than a speech by a business guru.

3. Choose tweets that are likely to be retweeted. One of the big ideas behind retweeting is to get your name out there as described in step 1. Thus, the more your followers enjoy the tweet, the more likely they are to be to retweet it along with your @username. So, what’s that took ballslikely to be retweeted? Interesting tidbits and fun facts are usually retweet-worthy as are cute photos, funny sayings, and interesting quotes. Be careful when using humor though as it’s easy to cross the line from funny to offensive.

4. Don’t just focus on retweeting others’ tweets; make your original tweets retweet-worthy. As the originator of a tweet that goes viral, your Twitter profile will likely get a lot of fresh new visitors. Users may see your tweet and want to know more about you. If your tweet is particularly engaging and relevant, they may check out your profile to see if you might be someone they would like to follow. Again, fun facts, cute photos and videos, and quotes could be considered retweet-worthy as long as they are relevant to your audience.

5. Ask your followers to retweet your tweets. Once you have an awesome tweet that you think will appeal to a wide audience, enlist your followers to spread the word. A simple “please RT” at the end may be all it takes to prompt your followers to share it with their followers.

6. Take advantage of reciprocal retweeting. Many Twitter users will reciprocate after you have retweeted some of their tweets. After noticing that someone has retweeted them, they will pay attention to that person’s tweets with the intention of returning the favor. Obviously, the more followers they have, the better as their retweets will expose you to a wider audience. Thus, look for Twitter users with a large audience that is similar to your target audience. Choose several of these influential Twitter users and retweet when it makes sense. Some may ignore you completely, but others will return the favor if your tweets are something their audience would be interested in.

7. Create a fun promotion such as a contest. Contests are naturally shareable. Take advantage of this and hold a fun promotion on Twitter. Again, ask users to “please RT” to ensure that even more people have the opportunity to participate.

As you can see, there’s more to retweeting than meets the eye. By quoting tweets and then retweeting them, your @username can get exposed to a wider audience. But again, there’s more to it. You also need to consider your audience’s interests and choose content that is likely to be enjoyed and shared. You may also want to strategically retweet the tweets of influential people, in the hopes that they will reciprocate as well as create your own retweet-worthy content and contests.

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