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As we sink into 2016, it’s time to evaluate your business’ approach to SEO. Are you keeping pace with the most current SEO trends? Staying up-to-date is vital for your website’s success. For the most part, basic SEO principles will stay the same — content and audience response are critical elements of your marketing campaign. Below, we detail a few of the trends to keep an eye on this year.

Here are some SEO strategies for small business owners, that you should definitely employ, based on the most recent upgrades to Google’s algorithms:

Mobile is king
As more and more consumers access the internet from a mobile device (smartphones, tablets), Google has placed a premium on sites that are compatible for mobile viewing. Essentially, sites that haven’t been optimized for mobile get knocked down in search ratings. To keep your business visible in search results, make sure it is easily navigated on both PCs and mobile devices.

Stop back linking for the sake of back linking
Just as Google drops sites that aren’t mobile compatible, it has also gotten wise to backlinks that lead to irrelevant content. Search engines now rank your website according to its overall meaning in context instead of by keywords. Over-saturating your site with keywords also no longer serves your business for the same reason. To keep pace with this trend, commit to generating backlinks that lead to high quality, relevant sources.

Master your social media presence
Google has begun indexing posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This creates another opportunity for you to capitalize on SEO. The more postings you have on social media, the higher you’ll rank on a search page. Maintain an active role on sites like Twitter and Facebook to make the most of this trend.

Know your brand and stick to it
It is incredibly important to have a visually appealing and well-designed website. It is equally important to have a well-established campaign that remains cohesive across all platforms. Your brand should have an easily recognizable identity that helps to boost your rankings. This includes your physical appearance as well as your persona — whether it is professional, casual, sarcastic, or simple, it should be easily identifiable.

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