Why Outsourcing Content Marketing is Right for You


Quality content on your website is crucial to the success of your business, but maintaining a steady stream of always-relevant, quality pieces takes time and effort. It’s a full time job in itself to curate relevant content for your social media sites, not to mention creating interesting blogs and how-to’s for your customers.

Did you know that on average, 44% of B2B marketers outsource their content creation?

Tim Backes | King of Client Copy, is a content writing and editing specialist with significant experience in a wide variety of fields. He helps clients in B2B and B2C industries develop web content, blog posts, press releases, articles, social media content and more that add to their overall web marketing campaigns.

The benefits of getting specialized help to maintain your content marketing will have a substantial impact on your overall marketing strategy. We detail a few highlights below.

  1. Conserve your valuable resources. With a team of skilled professionals at your disposal, you can redirect the energies of your in-house marketing staff to focus on day-to-day priorities for your campaign. Good content marketing is timely, high-quality, and efficient. You’ll be hard-pressed to maintain those traits if your marketing team is stretched thin with their other tasks.
  2. You control the frequency. When you hire a content marketing agency, you determine how much and how often you’ll need content. This eliminates the hassle of scaling your internal team up or down based on a need that may not be static. You won’t have to quickly hire or let go internal employees, because your agency will provide you with content based on your need and budget.
  3. Access to quality resources. On your own, your content marketing tools are likely very non-specific. Your analytics may measure a broad range when you really only want to focus in one or two areas. An agency is likely to have software that allows for very specific analysis and a way to view all of your content in one place.
  4. Curators will do the heavy lifting. If you decide to hire a content curator, he or she will be responsible for finding, organizing, and publishing relevant content for your brand. This relieves you of the need to juggle all of your social media sites, blog posts, and newsletters at the same time. A curator orchestrates the timing for your posts and thoroughly reads the latest news of your industry, so he or she will be able to efficiently manage timely articles to be retweeted, topics for your blog, and highlights for your newsletter.
  5. Implementers generate content for you. Implementers are often freelance writers who quickly supply you with articles based on your need. They are familiar with your marketing strategy and gear their content creation accordingly.
  6. Partners do it all. Hiring a partner means you hand over the reins of your content marketing completely. An agency takes care of your every content need – from analysis and publishing to content creation, they become a near-extension of your team. This more personalized experience means the agency becomes a cohesive participant in your overall goals as a company by understanding your audience and collaborating with you to achieve your content marketing goals.

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by Thomas von Ahn | Chief Elephant Slayer

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