Major Marketing Trends to Follow in the New Year


It can be a full-time job trying to keep pace with the newest digital marketing trends, especially as they seem to change by the minute. In 2016, sharpen your tactics by keeping an eye on the trends below. What are the major marketing trends for 2016? These ideas are predicted to be most successful in the upcoming year.

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1. The Rise of Mobile Commerce. Statistics show that more and more internet users are consuming content on mobile devices. To underline this, Google has begun “phasing out” sites that are not mobile-optimized. Really, this just means that a non-optimized site drops lower in Google’s rankings — but keeping your site in the coveted top hits is still an important strategy for 2016.

2. Messaging Apps. With an increase in popularity of instant messaging applications (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, etc.), it is becoming prudent for marketers to take note of the potential benefits these programs offer. Several big brands already utilize these platforms to offer a more one-on-one, personalized service to their consumers. It provides a method for offering exclusive rewards to customers already using the app, such as coupons, behind-the-scenes photos and breaking news.

3. Video. Research shows that the 18-24 year-old demographic is intensely image-driven. These consumers want to be engaged by both sight and sound, making video marketing a desirable focus for industry professionals. More than viewing a static product, consumers are exposed to an active medium that demonstrates a brand or product in a more comprehensive example.

4. Content Marketing. The key takeaway from content marketing is this: engagement is key. Creating smart content draws in an audience, but it is equally important to engage with your consumer about that content. Creating a personalized experience encourages participation from the customer and more opportunities to connect with them.

5. Wearables. Wearable technology, or wearable “smart” devices, like the Apple Watch, are predicted to see an increase in use this year. It is expected that these devices will provide unique opportunities for real-time, local advertising. The popularity of health and fitness trackers also opens the door for targeted content marketing – where a “smart” device may track the age of a runner’s shoes, for example, and alert him or her to the nearest running shoe store to purchase a new pair.

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by Thomas von Ahn | Chief Elephant Slayer

We help overwhelmed small business owners duplicate themselves – so business can be fun again.
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