Latest Website Design Trends: What’s Trending for 2021


The New Year has started, and we're all looking forward to a fresh start. One of the top things you should consider as you step into 2021 is making your website stand out. Trends never stay the same for long, and this is especially true on the internet. As you move forward in your business goals, it's time to take a peek at the latest website design trends that will keep you impressing and delighting your customers all year!

Creating an Effective Website 

The most important aspect of creating a website that works is keeping the user experience at the top of your mind. Statistics show that 38% of people leave a website if they find the design unattractive, while around 66% of people prefer a beautifully designed website to a plain one. Creating a design that attracts is essential to keeping your audience's attention. 

Of course, appearance isn’t everything. Customers also need information. 64% of customers would prefer a piece of contact information to be on the home page of a website, while 86% want services and products listed on the home page as well. However, while customers want more information, they certainly don't want to be bombarded (or they're likely to leave your site feeling overwhelmed with too much information). 

Here are few key tips for creating an effective design: 

Designing a website is a process unique to each company, but there are a few things that are attracting a lot of attention these days. Here are some of the latest website trends professional designers are recommending…

1. Big and Beautiful Headlines

Catching the eye immediately is an important part of keeping customers on your site. As screens become larger and more accessible, even on mobile devices, using larger print is increasing in importance. This is also a great time to start breaking out those serif fonts you've been hiding away. The need for plain sans serif letters is disappearing with enhanced technology, and some beautiful fonts like Georgia, Times, and Noe Display are top of the list for the new year.

2. 3D Imaging

Customers have loved 3D movies for years, and adding 3D imaging to a website is even more useful. This trend is especially noteworthy for companies selling items like clothing that most customers would like to view in a store. 3D will give them the chance to engage with something real enough to help them make up their mind.

3. Images and Graphics

When there's a lot of information to convey, simple images and graphics can be extremely helpful. People like seeing data visualized, especially if it's done with elegant black-and-white sketching or bright and colorful imaging. Create figures that show people important information easily without distracting them. 

4. Big and Bold Colors

For the last few years, dark color schemes have ruled the day for fresh new websites. However, some people find these difficult to look at for long periods of time. As people spend more and more time online, it might be a good idea to try brighter, lighter colors. Make your website warm and inviting for everyone. That's more important than ever as most people are finding their only source of connection and entertainment on the web. 

5. Emojis and Animations

People are always hungry for more ways to connect with people online. Using animations is an easy way to capture attention and delight people's senses, which is why it’s one of the latest website designs trends. As an added bonus, using emojis shows that you're close to your audience and want to interact with them in much the same way as a friend would. 

6. Collages

Stemming from the Cubist craze in the early 20th century, collage designs have never lost their charm. Use a pretty background and layer it with photos, graphics, signs, and text. People will love the artistic vibe this design gives off. 

7. Black Outlines

Using borders and outlines is a great way to highlight important information and enhance the bright colors of your website. Black lines of varying thickness offer a perfect contrast to really make the rest of your information stand out. 

8. Asymmetric Design

People love the new and unexpected. Creating a unique layout for photos is a great way to attract viewers and get them curious. Diagonal formatting can help you use the white space on your site to its full advantage and provide customers with a clean and elegant appearance.

9. Backgrounds 

Use lovely, elegant backgrounds to make your viewers feel at ease. Changing backgrounds for different pages or items is a great way to enhance the look and “feel” of your website by helping customers see things in a new way wherever they turn. 

10. Hover Menus

One of the latest website design trends in menus is offering the user the chance to hover over each item and see something new. Usually, this is an image or a bit of text that gives them a sneak peek at what they'll see when they click the link. It's a great way to help them find what they want without extra hassle. 


If you're ready to take that next step to redesign your site, keep these latest website design trends in mind. Professional designers are using these new elements and practices that will help your website stand out in 2021. Choose the combination that works best for you and get designing! 

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