Focus on the Best, Get the Best: 4 Steps to Increase Customer Value Today


Your customers are your business. It can be your worst customers, mix of customers, or your very best customers. Knowing the what and why factors of your best customers helps you to segment, target, and position your key marketing campaigns to them.

Let’s face it, with the best customer strategy approach you provide, more of what they want for the reasons why they want it. Your whole marketing model better be on that specific approach.

In doing so, it builds a greater sincerity in your campaigns, your business, and your own reasoning of establishing a win-win environment for your best customers. Here are four tips you can do to get started today:

  1. Identify the why. The why factor is huge to building customer value. It is the sheer reason and motivation why they choose to do business with your firm. Identify the why through your own hands-on research. This research could 1. Identify the why. The why factor is huge to building customer value. come in the form of surveys or brief interviews. Create the framework of collecting the right kind of data, be brief, and be clear. Let’s face it survey can suck. Creating value as to why you need the insight and how it will be used, along with some customized incentive for participation may be the little things you need to get the data that can transform your strategy of increasing customer value.
  2. Review the why. The survey data is only as good as the analysis put into it. If you send out a survey, get responses, and do nothing with it, you’re missing the complete boat as to why it is so paramount to forming your customer value strategy. You need to review the data, identify best and worst practices, identify the demographics and psychographics of the respondents, and synthesize this information to get a clear understanding of what works best and what turns off the customers, and what opportunities you have to make your current approach to customers better. The why will shaIdentify the why. The why factor is huge to building customer value. pe the what, how, and when of your value building strategy.
  3. Customize the why. You may notice that you best customers span across several segments that have varying demographics and psychographics. This requires careful strategy execution to customize interactive and engaging marketing campaigns to continue to hook your very best customers. Customers can spot generic campaigns, don’t be generic. Be you. Rock what you do and provide to the what customers wants, needs, and to their why to or to not buy. If you can do this, you are one step closer to creating a sustainable, customized to your most valuable customers campaign that will lead to more engagement, interactions, sales, and high quality, long-term relationships.
  4. Invest in the best. Why would you throw money to a unorganized or not specific marketing approach when you know what and why your customers buy? Don’t be lazy or reluctant with getting the biggest bang for your marketing dollars. You put in the time and money understanding the why, don’t half-ass it now by sending out generic 1. Identify the why. The why factor is huge to building customer value. interactions. Continue your customized why campaigns that fits your best customer segments, and invest in the best technology, capabilities, and strategists to help you position, and deliver the messages that build rock solid, engaging, and profitable relationships for both you and your best customers – it is simply a win-win for your firm and your best customers.

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by Katie Doseck, Ph.D.

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