Improve Your Chances to Make the Most of Events you Attend


Speakers, coaches, consultants and business development professionals often network face-to-face at conferences, conventions and trade shows. Yes – in-person meetings and networking is still a thing.

I have grown up in the business world working and interacting directly with people for three decades. I enjoy it, I look forward to it and I still say it’s where the magic happens in relationships. But today, we have two worlds that are learning how to blend, balance and work together: online and offline.

In 10 minutes I can learn more about someone, and they about me, in person than in six months online! The energy that passes between people finding out that they have a hobby, favorite book, peer or life experience in common can be profound. Conversely, it can be expensive, especially if you aren't prepared. Yes – I am well aware that my automated marketing system can outsell me and it does. I am saying the physical connection has a place. People do business with people.

At live events, how can you improve your chances to make the most of events you attend?

Never lose contact information again and stop collecting business cards. Capture first name, last name, phone, email, company, address and notes right from your smartphone—anytime, anywhere.

Business Card Etiquette

Keep your business card to yourself. DO NOT hand out your business card to everyone you see as if you are passing out $20 bills. If I am interested in connecting with someone beyond an event, I will ask for a way to contact them. Notice that I did not say I will give them my card or give them my contact information. Why? If I give them my card, I have no control over whether they will contact me or not.


• Add contacts by taking a picture of a business card
• Or add contacts manually in about a minute
• Makes a contact record directly in Infusionsoft
• Add tags in the Snap app
• Kick-off campaigns from your smartphone
• Human transcription for better accuracy

Install Snap by Infusionsoft and make adding contacts on the go a snap. Each user can scan up to 250 cards each month for free. Available for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play in the US.

Here is what separates the rookie from the professional. We've discussed being prepared for the in-person meeting at a live event. We've talked about my favorite tool for collecting business cards. The features of Snap by Infusionsoft hint at the possibilities. Have your campaign built in Infusionsoft before your event. Have it ready for email delivery and delivery directly to a smart phone using an HTTP Post. When you present your Position Statement, be ready for some Q&A with prepared questions. Have those answers tied to a set of variables, in Infusionsoft we call them decision diamonds tied to sequences. Memorize the tags to trigger a given “thanks for your time response” that is appropriate and feels personal. Use Snap by Infusionsoft, upon return of your scanned card's data, to trigger that automated email or text message.

No two small businesses are exactly alike. If you use multiple software systems in your business, you'll find hundreds of integration's in the Infusionsoft Marketplace. It's a growing platform of service and technology partners that will help you extend the value of Infusionsoft and streamline your business.

If you haven’t been out and about enough, set some goals this year to reconnect in person in your community, business world or hobbies. Go where you already have commonality and know people. It’s a much easier and faster way to get connected, get personal and make some new friends and connections–and you just might get that job, interview or new customer.

Take it from the pro. “Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are an efficient way to establish initial business relationships, but using them too much can cost you a job”. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk. The same can be said for the reliance on collecting business cards. Handle the exchange correctly and use it for follow-up like a pro.

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by Thomas von Ahn | Chief Elephant Slayer

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