How to Build Better Customer Relationships through Twitter


Twitter is a do-it-all tool that can help companies with their marketing, sales and customer service. More importantly, it gives customers power to interact with a company using their own platform, rather than in a company’s building or through their website. Here’s how to take advantage of that organic conversation and better connect with your customers.

Find your voice and use it

Be true to your business, brand and customers. If you’re a funky local coffee shop serving a hip community, your tweets should reflect a voice that matches your brand. If you’re using Twitter for B2B marketing, you may want a professional but approachable tone.

Engage in social media

Don’t treat Twitter like conventional marketing, where you simply make your announcement and hope the sales increase. Social media strategy should be aimed at encouraging conversation and interaction. Ask your customers questions, respond to and share relevant posts, and reply to tweets that mention your business. BE SOCIAL! Have a real person monitor your Twitter account and physically respond ASAP!

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Respond to criticism as well as praise

Now that you’re regularly responding to customer tweets, don’t pretend you can’t see the complaints. Twitter is increasingly used as a customer service platform. Check any airline company’s timeline and you’ll see a stream of responses to complaints. Twitter allows you to turn a negative experience into an authentic interaction by responding as you would to a customer in your store.

Don’t stress over your number of followers

Theoretically the more followers you have, the more people you’ll reach. But your strategy should not solely focus on gaining numbers. Build relationships with followers you have first to solidify your audience. Loyal customers will share your content with their followers, helping you build your audience.

Build relationships with other companies

If you partnered with another business on a project or event, give them a virtual shout-out. Not only is this advertising what your company is doing, the other business may retweet your post, exposing your content to their followers. They may also return the favor and continue to tag your business in related posts.

Above all, be authentic

Customers readily follow their favorite brands, especially when they post quality content. Post shouldn’t feel like an advertisement, but rather helpful information shared by a friend or a trusted resource. Don’t spam your followers or push the hard sell; share your knowledge and build a community loyal to your business.

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