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You have seen ads promising to deliver a certain number of new followers or “likes” to your Facebook pages, and you may have been tempted. After all, follower and like counts do serve as social proof that you’re likable, right? The problem with some of these offers is that those followers and likes may not be from the types of users you want to attract to your page. Some of them may even be fake. While a numbers boost may be intriguing, there are better ways to grow the right social media audience for your business pages.

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Determine Who Your Audience Is

Even if your products and services appeal to a broad audience, you can’t possibly create a meaningful connection with everyone at all times. Define your ideal customer and create a persona around it. Give your ideal customer a name, find an image that represents him or her, and start to think of this persona as a real individual. Depending on your business, you may have several types of customers you consider ideal. Go ahead and create a couple additional personas if necessary.

Post Content that Appeals to Your Ideal Customers

If your ideal customer is Mary the Stay at Home Mom but your content is written toward Bob the Business Executive, Mary’s not going to be interested in what you have to say. Tailor your content toward Mary’s interests, problems, wants, and needs and you will be more likely to connect with her.

Run a Tightly Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign Designed to Get More Followers

Since you now know who you want to target and have content on your site that appeals to him or her, it’s time to start getting more followers that match your specific criteria. Facebook ads are one of the fastest ways to get started. Creating a Facebook ad is easy and surprisingly affordable. The best part is that you can specify the type of people you want to target so that your advertising dollars are spent only on the people most likely to like your page. If you want to target men, why waste money showing your ads to women? What’s neat about the targeting options available from Facebook is that you can specify all kinds of criteria including specific interests or another page’s audience.

Run a Facebook Promotion or Contest

Promotions are a bit trickier, unless you use a tool specifically designed to make social promotions easy. However, they’re a great way to generate engagement and awareness as well as increase your Facebook audience. Promotions tend to be highly shareable, so your ideal customers will be likely to help spread the word to their friends with similar interests.

Building the right audience on Facebook may be a little more difficult than buying followers and likes by the bundle, but it’s worth doing. By defining who you want to reach and then appealing to that audience, you will eventually build a fan base that can support your business.

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by Thomas von Ahn – Chief Elephant Slayer – Viral Solutions LLC

thomas von ahn

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