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Landing pages are a key component of creating more conversions online. You might have an outstanding email marketing campaign, but ultimately it is meaningless if the landing page your customers are sent to from the email is boring, confusing or worthless.

Keep in mind that the attention span of the average internet user is extremely short. You only have a few seconds to make an impression on them, and if that first impression is bad, they’ll close the page and browse elsewhere. Loading times, therefore, are also key. Research indicates that for every second a page spends loading, seven percent of your conversions will be lost.

This is especially true for mobile sites. Not only do mobile users have an even shorter attention span, but they also need to have landing pages that are optimized for their devices. In today’s world, if you aren’t going to optimize all of your pages for mobile, you are instantly falling behind in your marketing.

Additional factors, such as form lengths, branding consistency and more can also play a role in the effectiveness of your landing page.

Creating an effective landing page

Now that you know the struggles associated with creating a good landing page, let’s focus on some tips to actually help you find success.

First, you should make good use of Google Analytics on all pages of your site. You will be able to track page views, conversions and a wide variety of other metrics that can indicate the page’s success. There are a number of other resources, such as CrazyEgg or LookTracker, that can also be of assistance to you in analyzing and tracking these metrics. Using these tools gives you an idea of what type of success you are experiencing so you know when you should consider tweaking your pages.

You should also experiment with your Call to Action section. Not only can you change up the messaging to figure out what’s most effective, but you can also play around with the colors, positioning, headline, subheader, countdown timers and more.

Finally, the content and design of the page should be consistent with the rest of your website and your overall brand image. The content should be informative, yet short enough to be easily digestible in a small amount of time for readers. It should have the same tone as found in all of your other messaging. Any colors, images or design elements should be consistent with your brand.

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