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Facebook recently rolled out a brand new feature that promises to make it easier for businesses to stay on top of conversations happening across a variety of social media applications, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. The feature, introduced in the form of the Facebook Pages Manager app, has been greatly sought after for some time by businesses who use Facebook’s Pages feature.

Before this new feature, if businesses wanted to respond to customers on Instagram or Facebook who had commented on posts, they had to open entirely separate apps. But with communication between brands and consumers continually growing more and more common on social media, there was a clear need for a more streamlined functionality to make these responses easier.

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Recent data from Facebook indicates business pages alone are seeing approximately 5 billion comments, messages and visitor posts every single month. Some business owners and marketers had gone so far as to carry multiple phones to be able to quickly respond to messages without having to switch between apps.

Now, the new Facebook Pages Manager app will solve this problem. The app has an inbox that contains a single unified stream of all comments, messages and visitor posts in one convenient location, including Facebook comments, posts on Facebook pages, messages and comments on Instagram and more. There are also individual tabs users can cycle through to focus on these channels individually without having to open their specific app.

A select few lucky business owners have been able to test the app, with a full introduction of the app expected to arrive within the next few weeks. The app will be especially useful for owners of small- and medium-sized businesses, which are not as likely as large businesses to have developed their own applications for social media management.

For more information about how this new application could help you manage the social media element of your digital marketing campaign, reach out to us today at Viral Solutions. We look forward to testing out this new app for ourselves and putting it to work!

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