Facebook Image Sizes for Your Business Page


Getting your image sizes right is an important part of looking professional on Facebook. These are the main photo placements you will work with as a small business, and the right image sizes for each.

Profile Image Size

Your profile image appears everywhere on Facebook: on your page, ads and posts, so use a crisp, square company logo.

Upload at least: 180 x 180 px
Image Ratio: 1:1
Displays at: 160 x 160 px (Desktop)


Timeline Cover Photo Size

Despite being called a “cover photo,” you can use any image or design with this prime real estate. Facebook even allows you to add calls to action, so you can change your cover photo for specific holidays or promotions.

Upload at least: 851 x 315 px
Image Ratio: 2.70:1
Displays at: 851 x 315 px (Desktop)


Tab Image (Tab Cover) Size

Tab covers link to Facebook tabs, which you can use for contests, giveaways and lead forms, so use eye-catching tab images to increase traffic to your promotions and forms.

Upload at least: 111 x 74 px
Image Ratio: 1.50:1
Displays at: 111 x 74 px (Desktop)


Page Photo Post (and Ad) Size

Photo posts tend to see more engagement, and ads with a photo perform much better than text-only ads, so make sure you use high-quality images for both.

Upload at least: 618 px wide
Image Ratio: Any
Displays at: 400 x 400 px (Desktop, Old Facebook News Feed), 560 x 560 px wide (Desktop,
New Facebook News Feed), 618 x 618 px (Mobile News Feed)


Link Preview Image Size

When you add a link to Facebook, or run a Facebook ad that directs to an outside URL, Facebook will bring in a link preview image.

Upload at least: 560 x 292 px
Image Ratio: 1.92:1
Displays at: 400 x 209 px (Desktop News Feed), , 560 x 292 px (Mobile News Feed)


Right Bar Ad Image Size

Right bar ads only appear on Facebook for desktop, so they are not as popular as News Feed ads; however, if you do choose to use right bar ads, be sure to use the right image ratio to get as much real estate as possible.

Upload at least: 100 x 72 px
Image Ratio: 1.39:1
Displays at: 100 x 72 px


Crisp, professional images are just one part of an effective social media strategy. In addition to your regular posts, you should host regular contests and promotions to grow your social media presence and get more likes and leads.

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