Nonprofit and Church Leaders… Here Is an Easy, Time Saving Method to Creating Content


As a busy leader of a nonprofit or church, you know you must manage your time wisely. Time is precious to you, especially right now. You can always use more of it. This article is created for anyone who wants to save time, struggles with motivation, or has mental blocks when prepping for… well, anything that requires the use of words.  

Use this method when…

This method is a framework designed to help you be a better communicator AND help the person who you are addressing understand the point you are trying to make.

Here’s how this framework helps…

Simple as that. It helps you organize your thoughts. It helps the person listening to you organize theirs. 

The Secret of the “One”

This method is about staying focused on the “one.” Let me explain. When you focus on one need, one problem, and one solution to the problem, the listener or reader can imagine the precise path you are taking them on.

It’s been said that the greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. The words you have to share are comforting, encouraging, and life-giving. So then, let your reader or listener sense that comfort immediately. 

The fear or mystery of the unknown is scary. Simplicity is comforting. That’s exactly what this framework does for you. It creates an environment that will compel them to take action because it gives them a plan to do so.  

In short…

The principle, or secret, of “one” is about creating content this clear and simple so that your listener or reader can follow you with ease.

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Here’s How to Start Creating Content

Step 1. Map out your message.

Some of you may sit down and start creating content and the thoughts simply flow from mind to figure tips as you type. 

But when you go back to read it, it appears that you journeyed down a few rabbit holes throughout your message. 

This mapping out process will take some time to get comfortable with, but in a short while, it will start to become second nature. I suggest laying the framework listed below in front of you as you begin to write your email, website content, speech, or message (or anything that uses words!).

The “One” Framework

That’s it. That’s the framework!

Easy, right? Well, maybe not easy, but mapping it out this way will save you time and make it help you stay motivated as you fill in the rest. 

The hardest part for most people is narrowing down everything to one. You might be saying…

… and I agree with you. But to captivate the attention of the people you are addressing, step back, and get a 30,000-foot view. Think about the one main problem you are trying to help them overcome.  

Let’s take the story of the Bible, for example. As we read it, we find thousands of stories of heartbreaking decisions that humanity makes. And there are countless ways God restores them. However, the big 30,000-foot view is this… 

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Keep in mind, this is a framework from which you will build upon and tailor to fit your unique message, but the mapping out process applies to any—yes, any—problem that human beings experience. 

Time Saving Tip—Place the framework in front of you as you prepare to write. It’ll help you stay focused!

Step 2. Start adding the details. 

Now it’s time to bring in your creativity and preferences. After you build the framework, start adding in your thoughts and details about the problem, solution, and outcomes. 

As you get further into the creating content process, ask yourself if what you are saying is somehow connecting back to the problem. If it’s not, but it’s still a great point, jot it down and save it to talk about later. 

Let’s say you are preparing for a conference; this framework still applies even if there are multiple areas you are addressing. Just take each area or subject and frame it out the same way. In the end, all the areas should still point back to the one bigger point you are trying to make. 

Time Saving Tip—Instead of trying to fit everything into one message, jot down the ideas that don’t quite fit and save it for another piece of content creation. 

Step 3. Start creating content!

Some are thinking, “I’ll do this when I have more time.” Don’t wait. You can’t afford the I’ll-do-it-when mindset in this current environment we are living it. 

At least start using this framework in small communications such as internal emails or announcements to your organization. Use it to create social media posts. Use it as you address a problem your team is having. 

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Just start using it! 

You’ll start to notice 3 things right away.

  1. Each time you use the framework it’ll get easier and quicker to do.
  2. You’ll start saving time when prepping for any communication.
  3. You will captivate the attention of your listener or reader, guiding them to the steps they need to take to find exactly what they are searching for.

Time Saving Tip—Don’t wait till you “have time.” Use the framework in smaller communications.  Simply start creating content using the method and work your way up to longer pieces.  

You have something to say that others need to hear. Your words impact the lives of others. So then, let’s make it clear and start helping others find what they’ve been looking for!

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Shannon’s deep desire to help others is a trait that was developed early on, as she has always enjoyed seeing people, groups, organizations, companies, and families thrive and make positive changes that encourage growth in all areas. That combined with her love of learning is what drove her to earn her master’s degree in psychology and counseling from Pittsburg State University in Kansas. For more than 15 years, Shannon worked in a variety of settings as a behavioral, family, young adult, and group therapist. As a behavioral therapist and case manager who has worked with people from nearly all walks of life, Shannon has a knack for helping others reach their desired outcomes, which she applies to her work at Viral Solutions as a content marketer. In addition to possessing keen insight into what drives human behavior, Shannon strives to find various ways in which she can relay each client’s message and vision to their prospect so that it hits every angle and sinks into the prospect’s mind. Likening her role to that of a detective, Shannon enjoys gathering information about each client’s prospect and competitor, then fitting it all together with the client’s product/service as the answer to the problem. She is a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

When she’s not working, Shannon enjoys reading, skiing, painting, and spending time with her family.