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Whether you are starting or starting over, branding your online business is paramount. Having an idea of a product or service is one thing, but having that idea with the branding that supports directing people to you and you to them is a whole other ballgame. Branding in the digital marketplace can be a challenge, however, with preparation it can be one of the soundest parts of your online presence. Therefore, getting the pulse of your business brand is critical. Identifying your purpose, perfect customer, spark and kindling strategies are approaches that can help to measure your digital brand presence or provide you with insight on branding opportunities that align with your firm.


Understanding with certainty your business purpose and perfect customers are essential elements of a sustainable branding strategy in the digital marketplace. Is your purpose clear? Do you know the demographics and psychographics of your perfect customers?

1. Purpose. What is your purpose? Take a moment to reflect on your business purpose. Throw out the cookie cutter Mission Statements that flow of your tongue and think about what it is that you do, why you do, and how it provides value to your market. For example, if your purpose is to provide specialized consulting services to your target market, what does that mean? Think about this until you are so clear on your purpose that you can sum it up a few words and that those words a person could get the gist of what you do and why it is important.

2. Perfect. Describe your perfect customer. Take a moment to reflect on the best version of a client that if connected with your “Purpose” would be a win-win for both your business and the customer. What is it about that client that works best with your product or service? How do you know? What is it about your company that this “perfect” customer would be drawn to do business with you? Think about your firm today, if the prospective client stumbled upon your website or social media page would he or she be able to see that connection and have a spark to use your services?

3. Spark. What content can you create to provide the Spark between your firm and a prospective client? The digital marketplace is saturated, what can you do to stand out? Does your website, social media, or marketing campaigns provide valuable information that ignites a desire to business with your company or does it leave a prospective client scratching his or her head trying to figure out what it is that you do and how you could be of service to them? The first impression physically is a couple of seconds; the same is true in the digital marketplace. What is your first impression?

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Creating a marketing spark is paramount to digital branding. What is your spark? How do kindle that spark to develop a strong customer relationship?

4. Kindle. How do you kindle the spark with your clients? The ability to sustain a customer relationship takes work, purpose, and commitment to providing value that meets the changing needs of your clients. The ability to maintain that relationship takes effort in crafting, implementing, and planning specific campaigns to nurture those relationships. Think about your “perfect” customer again. What experiences or educational interests might the customer have once he or she has used the first service or product? Think about strategies that you could implement and the timing of those resources that could support an ongoing active and valuable customer relationship.

Developing an effective brand takes strategy, initiative, and ongoing commitment. There is no one right way to branding. Strong brands have a definite purpose, have a complete understanding of customer needs, and have actions to deliver service and value long after the initial sale. If you can clearly identify your purpose, perfect customer, spark, and kindling strategies you are on the right track to maximizing your opportunities in the online marketplace. If any of these areas are a struggle for you, know that there are resources and teams out there to assist you, Viral Solutions, is here.

by Katie Doseck, PhD MBA

Chief Visionary and Strategic Ace Up Your Sleeve | Viral Solutions LLC

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Katie Doseck, PhD MBA | Chief Visionary & Strategic Ace Up Your Sleeve. I catapulted my experience with extensive education, training, and personal coaching; earning a PhD in Organizational Management with a specialization in Human Resource Management, MBA in Organizational Leadership, and BA in Law & Liberal Arts. Subject Matter Expert (SME) areas: Human Resource Management, Employment Law, Organizational Change, Change Management, Resource Planning, Strategic Planning, Talent Management, Selling & Sales Management, Training & Development, Decision Making Models, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Motivation. Dr. Doseck is based out of Logan, Utah.

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