CRO Series: Developing Buyer Personas for Your Business


Last week, we began a five-part series about conversion rate optimization (CRO) by providing a general outline of what exactly CRO is and its history and evolution in the world of marketing. We also provided some examples of strategies associated with CRO.

Today, we are going to begin discussing some of these strategies in depth, beginning with the very first step to any excellent CRO campaign: buyer persona research.


What are buyer personas?

A buyer persona is a general characterization of your ideal customer. Creating a concrete, tangible representation of your ideal customer helps you to better understand the kinds of messages that will resonate with them the most. By understanding your buyer personas, you are more likely to create successful products, share interesting and engaging content, and perform well in your customer service and retention. This makes the development of buyer personas the first step in successful CRO.

Buyer Personas

Creating a buyer persona takes a bit of research. You need to survey the right people about their interests, feelings, problems and pain points, while collecting demographic information as well. The amount of buyer personas you have will vary depending on the size of your company and the range of products or services you sell. You might just have one or two, or you could have a dozen or more.

Almost as important as the standard buyer persona is the “negative” persona. This is a representation of everything you do not want in a customer. Perhaps your negative persona falls outside of the demographic you want to target. Maybe they are too expensive to acquire, or already has advanced knowledge in a field in which you are targeting beginners.

How do I create buyer personas?

You can use surveys, interviews and other forms of research to get in touch with your taret audience to see who is more likely to be interested in your brand, product or service. Here are a few tactics you can use to gather the information needed to create accurate and effective buyer personas:


You cannot have outstanding conversion rate optimization without choosing the perfect customers to whom you gear your marketing. Begin by developing a buyer persona, and every step that follows will become significantly easier.

Contact us today at Viral Solutions for more information about creating buyer personas. Next week, we continue to discuss the best strategies for improving your CRO.

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