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In today’s world of endless information and millions of ways to get it, you need to have a strategy. Content marketing is such an essential and valuable approach for real estate professionals because it builds a solid rapport with your audience. It’s no secret that trust in your business is paramount.

Content marketing is also useful and informative without being pushy or salesy. Consumers say they trust people who give away information. That is the best way to make content marketing work for you. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most critical content marketing tips you can use in your business.

Educate Your Audience

This is the most straightforward way to have success with content marketing. People research everything before they make purchases, and this stands true when it comes to luxury real estate. With such a large purchase, especially for someone who may be relocating or searching for a vacation home, they may not know any real estate professionals in the area. You want to be the one who pops up as the most informative, helpful, and resourceful.

You can do this by providing excellent information about relocating or purchasing your first vacation home. You could talk about style trends in your unique location and design tips for making rooms appear larger or homier. Not only will this make you look incredibly helpful and selfless but it will show your prospect that you are an authority in your business.

If there is anything that people value more than helpfulness and resourcefulness, it’s expertise and experience. You have such success in your business, so why not share it with people who do not have that knowledge? This is how you can appear larger than life and become an influencer in your space. Content marketing works better when you treat it like a business with the intention of gaining leads rather than just trying to provide information to be generous.

Sell the Location

If you specialize in a particular area, make that known to your prospects. Especially for people who do not live near the area they are shopping in, they need someone who understands the city and how they can maximize what they’re looking for. In your content marketing efforts, you could blog about area history or local events—this shows that you have a good understanding of what is going on in your area and you could be looked at as a local expert.

Part of content marketing in a specific location is more about being a travel agent than a real estate agent. You want to let everyone know what is so great about your area and why everyone wants to live there. Convince the people who are on the fence to relocate because of reasons x, y, and z.

You get the point—give away as much information on your neighborhood as possible and be sure to do keyword research so your content is not only entertaining to read, but it will show up in the search engine when people Google your neighborhood.

Produce Content on a Regular Basis

This is probably the most important thing to stress here. Producing “one-off” content every now and again is worse than producing nothing at all. When you are looking up a business on Facebook for example, and you find an incomplete page with posts from two years ago, you typically move on to someone who is giving you new information.

If you are going to use content marketing as a strategy in your real estate business, go all in on it and put content out regularly. You could even let people know when new posts are coming out and use email marketing for people to subscribe to you.

We get that you are busy running your business, showing properties, and dealing with legal matters so we understand you cannot always do this yourself. Writing services can get entirely outsourced for a minimal fee, and then you no longer have to worry about getting articles out on time.

Use Different Vehicles to Deliver Your Content

Blogs are an excellent way to deliver valuable content to your prospects, but there are so many other ways that are just as good.

If you keep producing the same form of content day after day, people are going to get bored with what you are offering. By mixing things up and providing a unique flair to your marketing, this keeps your blog fresh and entertaining. An enjoyable blog keeps people coming back even if they are not quite ready to make a decision. If your content is unique, prospects will also be more compelled to subscribe to your email updates, which will keep them engaged over the long term.

Video is an especially vital strategy to include in your content marketing. Going forward, video is taking over the world of online traffic. By 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be attributed to video.

You are in the business of visuals and appealing to people aesthetics—this gives you a huge advantage. People are dying to purchase their dream home, and you can bring it to them without even having to get out of bed. If you get anything from these content marketing tips, include different types of content in your strategy and be consistent in terms of posting.


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