5 Reasons Church Facebook Ads Are Worth Running


If you’ve thought about running church Facebook ads but have been too intimidated, you might find it’s easier than you thought possible.

You probably have a Facebook page, and you might have even gotten into a groove of posting on it regularly. Maybe you’re getting some engagement; maybe you’re not. 

The use of social media is one of the most effective marketing tactics for a church community. And running paid Facebook ads will only strengthen your ability to get the word out about your church.

Why You Should Be Investing in Church Facebook Ads

The numbers alone tell us that Facebook advertising is an effective marketing tactic for any business or organization. Here some of the statistics that serve as proof:

Church Facebook ads can really take your marketing to a new level! 

Not convinced? Then let’s look at the 5 main reasons you should be taking advantage of them…

1) You Can Target the Right People Where They Already Are

Facebook is no longer as effective as it used to be when it comes to organic reach. They are, after all, in it for the money, so they limit page reach. That means your followers won’t see all of your posts, and engagement will be down.

For really important communications like special events, mission trips, and volunteer opportunities, you might consider running some Facebook ads to your current followers so they’ll be sure to see them. 

But there’s a gold mine awaiting you when it comes to running church Facebook ads outside of your existing followers. Billions of people are on Facebook, and that includes your local community.

Without a doubt, church Facebook ads are one of the best ways to reach new people. And what makes it even better is the fact that you have full control of the audience you want to target. 

For example, you can target people according to the following and more:

2) You Can Easily Measure & Track Your Results

With church Facebook ads, you don’t have to wonder if your marketing efforts are effective like you do when you mail out a postcard. 

Facebook allows you to track the actions that are taken on your ads so that you can tweak them to perfection and save more money.

You’ll be able to see:

You can also test different ads against each other to see which one delivers the best results.

One of the most effective methods is to duplicate your ads and break them up by certain demographics so that you can test which ones perform the best. Then, you can turn off the ones that don’t perform as well so your ad spend is further reduced.

3) Facebook Advertising Is Relatively Easy & Diverse

Although it can feel daunting, church Facebook ads are fairly easy to set up. If you just follow the step-by-step directions Facebook provides, you can have an ad set up in no time. 

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to keep all of your ad campaigns in one place so that you can compare and determine which ones are performing the best. 

There are several different ad formats to choose from, including…

You can choose whether you want to send people to your church website, invite people to a certain event, ask them to “like” your church’s Facebook page, or other CTA types.

Retargeting ads are also available to help you remarket to the people who have visited your site before.

The possibilities are almost endless, and with all of the analytics they provide, you can easily see what is working best.

4) You Can Choose Your Budget, Starting as Low as $5

There aren’t many marketing and advertising opportunities that allow you to have a budget as low as $5, but when you run church Facebook ads, that’s the reality.

You don’t have to pay for printing or the steep costs of magazine ads. Instead, you’re only charged for your clicks and interactions.

You’ll be able to select a daily budget or a lifetime budget for the ad so that you’ll always know what you are getting into. 

And when you consider that you can also just boost posts instead of running a full-on ad campaign, it’s incredibly easy to fit this type of marketing in your budget.

5) It’s Perfect for Relationship Marketing

Since church Facebook ads can be done so inexpensively, it’s a great way to not only advertise major events and donation requests, but also just to share scripture, blog posts, and videos to inspire and engage a new audience.

If you can build a connection with people in your community before asking them to make a bigger commitment or a donation, you’ll build a relationship with them that will inspire them to take bigger steps.

In this way, you don’t have to worry so much about sales and marketing, especially if it makes you uncomfortable. 

Instead, you get to just share content that will help others, and you’ll paint your church in a friendly and welcoming way.

The Mistake Most Churches Make with Facebook Ads

Now that we’ve established why church Facebook ads are one of the best ways to promote your church, there is one critical thing you need to understand when it comes to knowing what ads to promote, and that is…

Don’t assume people want to go to a church.

According to Brandon Cox, that’s the biggest mistake most churches make. In their ad messaging, they make the assumption that the people who see their ads are already in the market for a church. 

But that is a surefire way to waste your ad spend. 

What you need to be doing instead is reaching people who have a problem that your church can help solve. 

It’s kind of like if someone has back pain. They might not know they need a physical therapist to help them unless it was presented as a good solution to their problem.

Intrigue them by painting a picture of a result they would get from attending your church, going to an event, or volunteering. Here’s the formula:

  1. Question – Ask a question that gets them thinking about an issue they want to solve or a feeling they want to have.
  2. Curiosity – Express that there is a solution and spark their interest.
  3. Invitation – Invite them to come to one of your events or consume some of your content to find their answers.
  4. Reassurance – Reassure them that they won’t be outsiders and that you are all in this together.

Ideas for Ads

There are so many different things to promote through church Facebook ads. Here are some ideas to get your creativity churning:


As you can see, church Facebook ads are an important part of building an online presence, and using this advertising tool is easier and more cost-effective that you would think. 

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