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How does your blog post read? Is it full-bodied, heavy and slow, or is it light, smooth, and easy drinking .. oops! I mean reading (I’m getting thirsty). Much like beer lovers in the summer time like a cold, smooth, light but tasty beer that’s easy to drink, blog readers like a fast, easy but informative read. Most readers don’t have the time to be bogged down with heavy prose. You have got to keep it quick and to the point, with a smooth flow so it pours into your reader's mind refreshing and sparking the neurons in the brain. In this article, we will show you how to create your own easy to read blog.


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Break your main points into separate paragraphs and title each one. This makes the information that you want to get across simple for the reader to take in. It also leaves some white space between paragraphs that is softer on the eyes and makes your blog seem more organized. The easier the info is to consume, the more your audience will want.

Quick and To The Point:

I know, I know, this is a recurring theme in this blog series but it’s true. Short and informative paragraphs help the reader digest the content. You don’t want to fill them up with miscellaneous facts.

Create Lists:

  1. Lists organize your main points so that they read fluently and transition into the next idea.
  1. Lists are also another way to make content faster to take in and to keep your reader on course to finish the article.
  1. They make information easier to remember.
  1. Use lists to switch up the format a bit, break the monotony of regular paragraphs.

Post Links

Posting links will show the reader that you’ve done your research, hence they will have confidence that what they are reading is true. It also gives them an avenue to explore the subject of the article further if they choose to do so.

As you compose your masterpieces remember these simple yet effective tools to make your post fun fast and easy to read. Use subtitles to separate paragraphs and highlight your main points. Stay focused on your ideas and keep the paragraphs short so they are a quicker read. Make lists organize your thoughts and keep the article flowing at a good pace. Also post a few links so your reader can expand on what you’ve written, should they find the time.

Lindsey Perron

 Lindsey Perron

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As Thomas’ daughter, Lindsey was introduced to the world of sales and marketing at an early age. Curious about what her dad did, Lindsey would jump at every opportunity to help and ride along on sales calls. Always quick to take charge and lead the group—a trait that has only grown with time—Lindsey was frequently told by her parents that she was destined to be a manager or CEO of some sort. While working toward earning her bachelor’s degree in human services from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Lindsey interned with the UW Office of Equality and Affirmative Action and served on several councils, which gave her the opportunity to develop her persuasive writing skills, researching skills, problem-solving skills, project management skills, and more. After working as the lead teacher of the 4-year-old room at the local daycare center, Lindsey decided to switch gears and join the Viral Solutions team. In her position, Lindsey is able to help clients think through an end goal and reverse engineer it into the steps needed to achieve it.

When she’s not working, Lindsey loves spending time with family, be it traveling somewhere together or just hanging out at home.