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We live in a tech-driven world, and that isn’t about to change anytime soon. There were days when technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), VR (virtual reality), and AR (augmented reality) were believed to be a thing for the movie industry, but not anymore. These technologies are impacting several spheres of life, with AI becoming a cornerstone for many other technologies and capabilities. Some people think that AI is only applicable to business operations, but it’s already part of regular human life. 

Many people use AI unknowingly. From the use of Siri, Alexa, and Google Maps, to online shopping, AI is everywhere. It is simplifying life in many ways.

When it comes to the marketing world, AI is becoming a must-try in order to optimize digital marketing campaigns. AI use in marketing can scale marketing campaigns and automate repetitive tasks, among other capabilities. As a matter of fact, 80% of industry experts leverage a degree of AI in their content marketing efforts. 

AI’s capabilities are stirred by a combination of several cutting-edge technologies. such as machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and generation. It is allowing marketers to solve intricate problems and run complex campaigns seamlessly. 

In fact, many marketers use AI for content personalization and content generation. But how can AI in content marketing be beneficial? 

A Look at AI in Content Marketing 

Content is key to running effective marketing campaigns and driving results. The fact that content rules every sphere of marketing is what led to the emergence of the content marketing field. 

Content marketing generally refers to the process of creating relevant content and distributing it online. However, not every piece of content can meet user intent and fetch the company the intended results.

Marketers must create content marketing strategies that can best serve the purpose. Generally, the content must have high engagement, be search optimized, and be strategically published.  

Technologies in content creation and distribution are enabling content marketers to cut the pressure that comes with tasks. These technologies, like AI, also offer insights that allow marketers to create content that stands out. They are also able to reduce the chances of burnout and money wastage that come with the creation of irrelevant content.  

Currently, regardless of the type of content a marketer specializes in, AI can have a huge impact. So, how can AI in content marketing be helpful? 

7 Ways AI Can Assist in Content Marketing

1) Data Analytics 

The world we live in is highly influenced by data. Whether you want to introduce a new product on the market or want to run a digital marketing campaign, you must rely on data. Data utilization lays a platform for making more informed decisions.  

In fact, it can help marketers stay ahead of the competition. Utilizing data (e.g., from official social media platforms, websites, or Google Analytics) can help marketers attain faster insights.

Precisely, content marketing analytics can help marketers to understand consumer behaviors and patterns. This enables them to create content that is relevant to the current trends and customer expectations.

76% percent of content marketers measure the performance of their content marketing performance via organic traffic. Additionally, 60% of marketers use sales to measure the success of their content marketing strategy. 

Therefore, no matter the content you create, you can use  AI-powered tools to enhance your content marketing performance.   

2) Smart Content Creation

There is nothing as exhausting as creating large amounts of content for a campaign. However, AI is a type of technology that learns over time. It can analyze user habits and patterns and recommend the most appropriate responses to texts. Similarly, by using AI-powered content generators, a marketer can conduct a gap analysis and then create content that stands out. 

Leveraging AI-powered content creator tools can smoothen the content creation process and scale output. They can reduce the amount of time marketers inject into content creation and allocate it to other vital tasks.

Additionally, AI is dimensionally revolutionizing content creation in many ways. Marketers no longer need to hire big teams to write blogs and articles. They can invest in AI-powered tools to do the bulk of the work.

Currently, there are many content creator tools a marketer can rely on, such as Jasper and OpenAI’s GPT-3 (a powerful language model that serves different purposes than ChatGPT). These top-notch writing assistants can help marketers create more valuable content for a targeted audience.

They can recommend trending topics, optimize content, and align content to online user interests. 

3) Content Recommendation

Modern online users have become more demanding and hard to please. So, in order to capture them with your content, you must be strategic. Apart from laying emphasis on graphic design in your marketing efforts, you may try out content recommendations.

Research shows that content recommendations can drive engagement and other company goals like revenue. That is seen with Netflix and retail websites. Many e-commerce websites maximize sales via product recommendation engines. 

These engines work by pushing related content to site users. Recommending content to potential readers increases engagement and content consumption. It can help marketers achieve targets, whether in terms of lead generation, sales, or brand recognition.

Additionally, leveraging AI content recommendation tools can simplify a content marketer’s work by pushing content that is most relevant to a user. These tools can help a reader become hooked to the content that matters most to them, hence driving business goals. 

4) Social Media Analytics 

Social media has become a go-to for many marketers. In other words, social media is a key driver of brand sustainability in the market. But, marketers must leverage social media strategically. 

More than half of the world’s population currently uses social media, and the mere practice of posting can never offer a competitive advantage. Today, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook (among others) offer analytics that can help marketers understand their audiences better.

Generally, these algorithms indicate where a brand’s followers come from, the top content they engage with, and the other brands they follow. They also offer insights to help marketers leverage trending tools and content to stay relevant.

Precisely, AI tools can be used to position content better or reply to followers on social media. Also, they offer content ideas that guarantee the most converts. 

Therefore, any marketer can leverage AI powered social media analytics to create engaging posts and enhance brand awareness.   

Smartphone displaying voice search next to laptop as concept for use of AI in content marketing.

The use of AI in content marketing also includes the use of voice search tools. Tools like chatbots are popular in the online world due to the seamless experience they offer. 

An online user needn’t type search terms into the search engine to attain answers. However, he or she can simply speak and get solutions.

Tools like chatbots cultivate real-life conversations and are currently more reliable than humans to some degree. 

These tools offer solutions based on the most effective answers previously offered. They can evaluate user needs to the available answers and offer the best solution. 

These tools can be accessed anytime and help to streamline customer support. They can recommend products and content and also offer feedback to an online user. 

Voice search tools enhance content marketing efficacy and help brands to retain customers. 

6) Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

With the fact that data is a necessity in the business world, relying on data to run content marketing campaigns can improve the success rate.

Data-driven marketing campaigns are associated with a higher chance of producing the desired results. That’s because several dimensions like user intent, keywords, trending topics, and online user habits are considered. 

This allows content marketers to create valuable content that can generate more leads, fetch more ROI, improve brand awareness, and help a brand retain customers. 

Running data-driven campaigns also reduces frustration and allows a marketer to get ample rest or focus on other important tasks.  

Therefore, marketers shouldn’t feel frightened to use AI tools. These advanced technologies offer agility, creativity, and data that improve marketing results. 

7) Optimized Efficiency 

Advanced  AI-powered tools like Jasper, Google Analytics 4, Semrush, and HubSpot’s content strategy tool optimize the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns. These tools and software can help increase content output and reduce associated costs.

They can streamline tasks and help marketers create the most valuable content so that it may be posted strategically. Also, marketers can know the best-performing content and repurpose it or create similar content. 

Advances in AI are also promising better-humanized content creation (i.e., content that aligns with user emotions). These will allow marketers to create content that requires no human assessment or sorting. 

Similarly, AI can help diversify content marketing tactics to improve results. Popular tools like Grammarly also offer content recommendations that improve content quality and engagement. 

Bottom Line

The use of AI in marketing is steadily increasing due to the capabilities the technology offers. AI currently goes beyond the use of Alexa to the use of chatbots and content recommendation tools. Content recommendation tools have proven to enhance content consumption and engagement. 

It also allows a brand to be seen as one that understands its audiences better. Additionally, AI tools can help a brand gain a competitive advantage and stay relevant. Therefore, whether you’re new to content marketing or a long-time professional, consider leveraging AI in your content marketing strategy. 

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