7 Great Attention-Grabbing Headline Formulas for Your Business’ Blog


“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” –David Ogilvy, author of Confessions of an Advertising Man, 1963

Translation? Your headline makes you money, so it pays to have a great one.

Here are 7 attention-grabbing headline formulas that you can use when crafting your own copy!

1) The “How To” Headline

Why? It taps into the need to gain knowledge fast!

With a “how to” headline, you’re instructing your audience on how to quickly solve a specific problem they’re experiencing. The key here is specificity. The more specific your headline (and the solution you’re offering), the greater the likelihood of your audience clicking on your post.

For example, rather than using “How to Shop for Condos,” try “How to Shop for Luxury Condos in Tallahassee.” By adding more detail in your headline, you can appeal to specific readers instead of a vague audience.

2) The “Useful Number” Headline

Why? It grabs the audience’s attention and is easy for the brain to process!

The “useful number” headline is a spin-off of the “how to” headline. The key to this type of headline is to create a concrete takeaway for your readership. By incorporating a large and/or odd number in your headline, you can make your post stand out.

“How to Organize Your Home: 8 Easy Steps to Declutter and Downsize” is a 2-part headline that highlights a problem, introduces a solution, and incorporates a useful (and memorable) number. Don’t forget to use numerals… don’t spell them out.

3) The “Question” Headline

Why? It shows your readership that you “get” them!

The “question” headline does exactly what you’d expect—it poses a question to your audience. But to apply this formula successfully, the key is to get inside your readers’ heads and ask a question that is already on their minds. Then you can provide the solution, which is you!

For example, “What Are the Benefits of Downsizing Your Home?” could appeal to those who are on the fence about whether they should move out of their house and into a smaller condo.

4) The “Emotional” Headline

Why? Emotions drive every decision we make!

Tapping into human emotions is extremely effective when it comes to writing persuasive copy. And if you’re trying to get more clicks on your post, utilizing an “emotional” headline is a great tactic. The key is to hit on feelings such as confidence, importance, comfort, etc.

Try to incorporate some of the following words in your headline to generate more interest in your post:

For example, “The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Condo Shopping” and “13 Tips to Easily and Effortlessly Find Your Dream Home” both tap into emotional pain points and desires.

5) The “Rational” Headline

Why? Logical thinkers want proof!

The “rational” headline works by making readers confident in their decision to click or otherwise engage with your post. The key to this formula is to appeal to the logical part of the brain—or simply logical readers.

Some words that have proven effective in this type of headline include the following:

Instead of “Tips for Choosing a Condo,” consider “5 Proven Strategies for Choosing the Right Condo.”

6) The “Curiosity” Headline

Why? It piques your readers’ interest!

With the “curiosity” headline, the key is to pique your readers’ interest. However, you not only have to get them engaged but also keep them engaged. If you use a “curiosity” headline, you must deliver a great reveal to the mystery. Otherwise, they’re left hanging and unsatisfied.

The following phrases are great to incorporate in such headlines:

For example, try “What Your Realtor May Not Be Telling You…”

7) The “Guru” Headline

Why? Trust is instantly built!

The “guru” headline is a modified version of the “curiosity” headline that incorporates the trust factor. The goal is also to pique your readers’ interest. The key in this case, however, is to link the product, service, or knowledge you have with a well-known person in your industry.

If you can’t identify a popular person in your industry, you can still utilize this formula as long as the information in your post relates to the icon you mention in some way.

An example could be “What Bill Gates Did Before Buying His House…” or “What Mark Cuban Did Before Settling on a Realtor…”

The team at Viral Solutions knows that writing high-quality copy takes time and effort you may not have. After all, the headline is just one piece of the puzzle! If you’re struggling to produce content that educates, inspires, and—most importantly—engages your audience, schedule a free consultation today to learn about how our team can provide the copywriting service you need.


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