5 Tips to Help You Generate More Leads


Being smart about lead generation doesn’t have to be a mystery —  here we detail our top five tips for generating lots of good leads and revenue.

  1. Produce quality content. This may seem like a given, but it’s often overlooked by businesses. The content you post socially and on the web needs to be informative and useful to your audience. The more traffic your site captures, the higher the likelihood that it will be seen long after you first publish it. Use engaging details like info-graphics and videos when appropriate. Once you have content posted on social channels, those who click on your content are driven to your site and your re-marketing kicks into high gear.
  2. Engage better. Social media done right is social media with real engagement. Yes, that means a real person responding immediately to comments, shares and private/direct messages. Twitter becomes more engaging when tweets include a visual element, like an image or video. Twitter followers that send you a direct message require a quick response. There are also apps that help you analyze your followers’ behavior, which allows you to target them at certain times of the day when they’re most active.
  3. Follow industry blogs. When you comment frequently on relevant blogs in your industry, you can generate clout for yourself as a useful and informed resource. Offer helpful, informative comments, and you’ll establish yourself as a trustworthy source. Guest blogging can also serve you well to generate leads. Just be sure to analyze the audience and quality of the blog before you agree to write a guest blog. You want to be sure the opportunity for leads is real and useful to your company.
  4. Talk to your customer. Make direct contact with your customers online. Use live chats, social media and helpful video pages in a membership portal to engage on an individual level. Social media is an excellent place to find leads because people tend to come back to them for help. It’s also easy to directly contact leads about offers or to answer questions on a forum. It’s all about customer service!
  5. Use Wistia and PlusThis. Two powerful tools that enable a personal and relevant response. Create a video channel for your business that produces tutorials and short informative videos about your business. This will set you apart and give you a competitive edge — and help leads to see you are unique. Then tie viewing intelligence gained from Wistia to your Infusionsoft campaign via PlusThis – now you're really cooking!


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by Thomas von Ahn | Chief Elephant Slayer

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