14 Sure Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Day Job, and Start Your Dream Job


That’s right. You read the title correct. What’s funny is that if you clicked on it, you’re probably already feeling that it’s time to make the move. Yes, the move. You know, the one that you’ve been orchestrating in your head for the last eight-ten months, but have lacked the moxie to truly give your two-week notice and gleefully dance out that door. You can only reverse the Jerry McGuire office flip-out so many times in your head till that doesn’t have meaning to you anymore. So, in case you need any additional signs to help you jump ship and make the commitment to you – yea, you. You remember her. She was awesome, fun, and down for anything. The last year, she’s been awesome, but depressed, stressed, and other obnoxious, soul-sucking “ressed” words that are in the dictionary. Yea, her. Remember?

Here’s 14 sure signals for you to start packing and start dreaming – because 13 just wasn’t enough.

  1. You feel under appreciated.
  2. You’re undervalued.
  3. There has been growth, but no just compensation for that growth. quit your day job
  4. Or there has been no growth and no room for growth.
  5. You’re unfulfilled.
  6. Your work stress is affecting your physical health.
  7. You no longer have a work-life balance.
  8. Your company is changing people like a revolving door.
  9. You bring your stress home and it’s impacting you, your loved ones, and even the mailman is creeped-out by your steady twitch.
  10. Your company is going through the financial and legal stresses due to some so-called “no big deal, or nothing to worry about,” lawsuits.
  11. You’re overqualified and not challenged enough.
  12. Your boss calls your ideas his. Seriously – get. a. life.
  13. Breaches of trust.
  14. The fear of leaving is finally less than the fear of remaining unfulfilled.

Yes. Let #14 sink in a little more. The fear that you once carried about leaving has minimized. Your fear of transition. Fear of what if this is as good as it get? Fear of what if you go broke? You finally hit the point, at the fork of the middle of the road. Which road will you take? Will you take the road to starting your own small firm? The road to work for a creative, solutions-driven, and employee appreciating company? Will you take the road where you take to a sabbatical job that has zero stress, buys you time to clear your mind, but still pays the bills till you figure out your true dream job – perhaps, you’ve been too miserable to look inward for that? Whatever road you choose, let it be the road that leads you to an abundance of joy, love, peace, and security. You only have one life – make it one worth remembering, sharing stories, and truly making you feel good inside and out. One that shows you how much you believe in you, and are ready to make the life you believe you deserve.

Today we share in on the toast to courageous individuals that have learned, let go, and moved in the direction of their dreams, and to those that make that decision today. Let go of ordinary and move toward extraordinary – a life built by you, for you, that empowers, energizes, and resonates with you.



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by Katie Doseck, PhD

Chief Visionary | Viral Solutions LLC


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