As a church leader, you want to grow your church so you can spread the Gospel further. And a big part of that is using social media to your advantage. After all, 82% of Americans have a social media account. So, there’s a massive opportunity to connect with potential and current members and donors.

With social media, you can meet people where they are and start building a relationship with them. Moreover, you can encourage them to…

  • Visit your church website and discover your vision and mission 
  • Develop trust in your message and the work of your ministry
  • Join in your sermons and worship with you wherever they are 
  • Share the word about your ministry or church with others
  • Give to support the God’s work, including your faith-based activities

It’s just a matter of making your church’s social media presence count, which is what The All-in-One Social Media Tool Kit for Churches shows you how to do.


Feeling Overwhelmed by Everything Social Media Entails?

You know that your church outreach will benefit from the effective use of social media, and you’re eager to build a true community among your members. Plus, you’ve seen other churches grow on social media, and know it can work for you too.

But keeping up with the various channels and their constant changes can be challenging. Further, you wonder if your efforts are serving your mission. And when you begin to feel overwhelmed, you’re tempted to abandon it altogether.

But giving up would be a mistake, especially when there’s a better alternative—learning how to make your social presence count. That’s why we created The All-in-One Social Media Tool Kit for Churches—to help you move forward with confidence.

Sean McDonald from

“We have used so many ‘so called’ online social media experts and been terribly disappointed at every turn. THEN WE FOUND Viral Solutions and our world changed. Their team has systematized everything you need to build your social audience and drive traffic to your site. Not only that, their content creation team is second to none. From a standing start, we had them writing blog articles for us that required very little to no editing before releasing them to our site. I could not recommend Viral Solutions more strongly to anyone considering social engagement with their audience.”

– Sean McDonald


Here's What to Do…

Step 1

Request your copy of The All-in-One

Social Media Tool Kit for Churches.

Step 2

Read through the resource to gain

valuable insight into social media.

Step 3

Apply what you learn to develop a

winning social media strategy.

To spread your message and fulfill your church’s mission, you need to continuously reach and engage the faithful and bring in contributions to support your church. With today’s technology, a solid social media presence is one of the most effective and affordable ways to do that. The All-in-One Social Media Tool Kit for Churches serves as the starting point for growing your church. It contains everything you need to develop a successful social media strategy. Following these guidelines and best practices consistently is key to reaching and engaging more people.

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What to Expect from The All-in-One Social Media Tool Kit for Churches

This resource is packed with expert advice on how to build your social media strategy step-by-step, along with practical tips you can implement every day. With it, you’ll learn how to choose the right platforms, post engaging content, measure your results, and more. Whether you’re creating your first strategy or dealing with poor engagement, you’ll appreciate having this tool kit to guide your efforts. 

Once you’ve downloaded this FREE resource, you can look forward to the following:

  • A breakdown of best practices to follow for social media in general
  • An outline of the top social media platforms and how to leverage them
  • Advice on selecting channels for your church to reach the faithful
  • Helpful tips on what to post, when to post, and how to address poor engagement
  • Guidance on how to measure the results from each platform you use

…and more!

So, don’t wait a minute longer. Fill out the form below and download your FREE copy of The All-in-One Social Media Tool Kit for Churches now. 

Social media is critical for reaching supporters in the modern age. You know this, or you wouldn’t be here right now. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or struggling to get results, don’t give up. Simply download a tool kit that walks you through how to use social media to spread your message, encourage supporters, build relationships, and ultimately grow your church!

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