Does your organization often go unnoticed despite all the good you do?

Do you find it difficult to bring in the funding necessary to carry out projects?

Do you have a tough time finding people willing and able to get involved?

These are hurdles every nonprofit has to overcome in the quest to make a difference. It’s hard to convince people to donate their time or money (even to a worthy cause). It’s even harder when you’re a nonprofit leader or executive director who already wears too many hats. You don’t have time to learn how to do marketing on your own, but you can’t afford to neglect your organization’s marketing either.

Your mission is important, and there are people out there who want to play a part in it. It’s just a matter of reaching them with the right message. And for that, you need a custom marketing strategy that makes the most of your precious resources. Partnering with a nonprofit marketing agency familiar with the challenges you face can put you on the track toward growth.

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Nonprofit Marketing Can Be a Struggle

Marketing is crucial to maximizing your organization’s impact on the world. It allows you to boost awareness, donations, and volunteers so that you can build capacity and fulfill your mission. 

Unfortunately, it can also be a struggle to do it properly. You don’t have the time or resources to handle everything in-house—not when the cause you serve requires your full attention.  

Fortunately, there’s a way to get the support you need. By partnering with our nonprofit marketing agency, you can put an end to the struggle and see better results from your efforts.


“Viral Solutions took on the assignment with great effort and commitment.

As a nonprofit, we don’t have a significant budget to work with, so the funds that we raise are precious to us. They came up with some great solutions…Viral Solutions! 

Working with these guys is like a family. They really embraced our cause and helped us on different fundraising activities.”

– Michele Sloan

The Foundation to Fight H-ABC


What Nonprofit Marketing Services We Offer

At Viral Solutions, we offer a wide range of nonprofit marketing services to ensure every base is covered. However, we understand that organizations like yours typically have limited resources available. That’s why we provide support that fits your budget and unique needs. When you partner with our nonprofit marketing agency, you can trust that we’ll select suitable tactics based on the custom strategy we create with you. 

Set up your website for greater visibility and traffic.
If your website suffers from low traffic, you may need help with SEO. Making sure your site meets Google’s guidelines while delivering a great user experience is key. Our team can provide quality, people-first content optimized for search and more to increase your visibility.

Bring in more potential donors to increase funding.

Donor acquisition is a crucial step in expanding your donor base for capacity building and other needs. It’s about identifying those willing and eager to contribute to your cause. Our team can improve donor acquisition by creating assets that garner interest and encourage sign-ups.

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Connect with those who can benefit from your programs.

As a nonprofit leader, you want to expand your organization’s reach so that you can have a greater impact. And that also involves building relationships with potential clients. With our help, you can make connections to bring your services/programs to new places and people.

Look forward to quality content copywriting that inspires action.
Content is an essential part of educating your target audience and encouraging them to get involved. Our specialists can create content that resonates with potential donors and volunteers, educates them about your mission, delivers value, and drives them to act.

Enhance your nonprofit’s message with attention-grabbing design.

Although words are powerful, they can’t always stand alone. That’s why you need strong visual assets that suit your brand identity and make your target audience take notice. Our graphic designers can create assets for your website, social media pages, and more.

Engage potential donors and volunteers better.
You may have sparked interest in those who opt in for email or SMS, but they probably won’t get involved any further unless you engage them. Our team can help you make the most of the opportunity you’ve been given and use direct communication to your advantage.

Leverage free advertising spend to share your message.

Google Ad Grants is a Google-sponsored program that provides nonprofits with $10,000 per month in free advertising spend to share their message. Our team has experience in launching and maintaining accounts, so we can help you every step of the way!

Take your community to the next level with social media.
Social media is a place of community, which is why you need to nurture the relationships you have with your followers. Our team can help you select the most popular channels among your target audience, create cohesive profiles, and post regularly for engagement.

Build a meaningful brand that encourages people to take notice.
A strong brand requires more than just a great logo. It also requires solid messaging to share the vision of your organization and the impact your programs have. We can assist you in building a brand that speaks to your target audience and reflects your mission.

At Viral Solutions, we take a holistic, 360-degree approach to marketing. Every choice we make and asset we create is part of a larger picture. Regardless of which services best fit your budget and strategy, you can be sure we’ll coordinate all efforts. This ensures consistency, eliminates confusion, and delivers better results overall.

Our goal is to help you market your organization and your mission more effectively so that you can make a greater impact on the world you seek to improve. We’ll provide the tactical services necessary to carry out your strategy and encourage those who share your passion to give.

Receive Support to Increase Your Organization’s Impact

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What to Expect from Our Nonprofit Marketing Agency

At Viral Solutions, we strive to position every client for long-term success. And we do this by following a 3-step process that allows us to make smart, data-driven decisions according to your mission, budget, and audience. That way, you’re set up with a strong foundation we can build on and improve over time. 


We start by learning about your organization—what your mission is, what challenges you face, and what goals you want to achieve. We also take the time to research your ideal donor/volunteer, mapping out an avatar so that we understand them inside and out. Together, we document a Donor Value Journey, which outlines the path from awareness to promotion. We go on to create a BrandScript to guide your messaging. And then, we combine it all with additional market and keyword research to develop your custom marketing strategy.


Once your strategy has been defined, we execute it using tactics that fit your budget, needs, and audience. This is where all the research and data gathered during the strategy phase come into play. Armed with this information, our team selects the most effective methods to reach your target audience and guide them along their journey. All messaging and visual assets are carefully crafted for consistency and maximum impact.


Our nonprofit marketing team doesn’t stop at execution. We go the extra mile to help your organization grow, looking for every opportunity to improve your marketing efforts. And we never rely on guesswork. Instead, we test, measure, and optimize using the data we compile from various sources. This ensures we’re steering you in the right direction and making the most of your precious resources. 

When you partner with our nonprofit marketing agency, you can also look forward to the following:

  • Access to a team of nonprofit marketing experts, including copywriters, graphic designers, SEO specialists, advertising specialists, fundraising & donor relations advisors, social media professionals, marketing strategists, website developers, and more
  • Regular meetings with a dedicated project manager to plan, review, discuss feedback, and receive updates on campaigns
  • Quarterly data reports showing how well your marketing efforts are performing
  • Expert advice on how to further improve your organization’s presence

As a nonprofit marketing agency, we’re committed to helping you increase your organization’s impact. We understand that your organization faces several unique challenges. But that’s why we’re here to help by providing nonprofit marketing services that fit your needs. 

Put an end to the marketing struggle and focus on what’s most important—fulfilling your mission. Partner with Viral Solutions and receive the support you need to reach more people and do more good.


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