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To help you with your church marketing – we've written some helpful FREE Guides! Click on the link(s) below to see what they are all about. Download all, or some of them! Click below to request immediate access to the Guide.

7 Secrets to Building an Unstoppable Church Brand

7 Steps to Building an Unstoppable Church Brand

In this guide learn:

  • The most important elements of an effective church branding strategy.
  • How to connect with congregants to turn them into lifelong community members.
  • And more…
32 Tips

32 Tips to Improve Church Attendance, Engagement, and Giving

In this guide learn:

  • How to boost attendance.
  • How to increase member engagement.
  • How to grow our donation base so that you can greater serve.
  • And more…
Social Media Toolkit

Social Media Toolkit for Churches: Back to Basics Best Practices

In this guide learn:

  • How to tell others about your ministry or church.
  • Increase engagement and gain trust with you and your ministry
  • And more…

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Need help but don't know where to start? The goal of our Double Your Donors Session is to give you a formula and framework for predictable growth and put you on a 90-day path to DOUBLING your donors.

Need help but don't know where to start? Our Church Marketing Audit is a 50 Point Review of what we see from a User Experience point of view!
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