Double Your Sales Discovery Session


A personal, 90-minute virtual workshop and plan to double your sales.

  • Discover why your sales have stagnated or decreased
  • Learn about 8 core disciplines of marketing and selling online
  • Receive a Customer Value Journey framework
  • Find out which areas of your marketing are set up well and which need improvement

Achieve more predictable sales growth and bring in new customers through a proven process and framework.

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Your sales have stagnated or decreased, and you can’t figure out why. Discover what’s holding you back from achieving predictable sales growth in your business.

If you want to grow your business, you need a proven plan and framework. That’s what you get with the Double Your Sales Discovery Session.

How the Double Your Sales Discovery Session Helps You Grow

  • It will reveal areas of weakness in your marketing and sales process. Apply the necessary changes without wasting any additional time or money.
  • It will give you a proven framework and model that you can start implementing immediately. Having a framework saves you time and allows you to feel more certain about the direction you’re headed.
  • It will make you feel confident you’re on the right track to increasing sales because you’ll know exactly what you need to be measuring.
  • It will inspire ideas and teach you how to measure those ideas accordingly.
  • It will introduce you to models that make marketing and sales predictable and profitable.

Now is your chance to participate in a one-on-one virtual workshop specifically designed to provide you with a plan of action to double your sales.

Expect to Receive the Following during Your Double Your Sales Discovery Session…

  • A growth audit, which highlights how well key areas of your marketing efforts are set up.
  • The 8 core disciplines of online marketing and sales for your business.
  • A framework for your Customer Value Journey, so you can map out how to transform prospects into promoters.
  • An example of the growth scorecard model, which gives you a template to document and measure what pages of your site are being visited, how customers are coming in, what makes them buy, and other important insights.

You’re here now because your sales aren’t what you want them to be. Let us help you discover why and show you how to overcome the obstacles in your way.

Don’t wonder what next month’s sales numbers will look like. Instead, have predictable sales growth moving forward. Take action today and get on a path to double your sales.