Double Your Donors Discovery Session


A virtual personal workshop and plan to grow your church donations.

  • Identify why church donations have stalled or decreased
  • Discover 8 critical core disciplines of marketing and fundraising online
  • Get the Donor Journey framework
  • Assess areas of strengths and opportunities for growth

Overcome unpredictable donations and gain supporters through a proven process and framework.

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Double Your Donors Discovery Session

Your church donations have stalled or decreased, and you don’t know why. Discover areas in your marketing and fundraising that are holding you back from growth.

You need an action plan to grow. That action plan is the Double Your Donors Discovery Session.

How the Double Your Donors Discovery Session Helps You Grow

  • Help you identify blind spots in your marketing and fundraising. Make the necessary adjustments without wasting time and burning through funds.
  • Provide you with a framework and model you can walk away with and start implementing changes immediately. A framework saves time and gives you confidence in your direction.
  • Give you confidence that you are on the right track to growing your donor base because you will know what you really need to be measuring.
  • Spark ideas and you’ll know how to make those ideas measurable.
  • Provide models that make marketing and fundraising predictable and fruitful.

This is an opportunity to get a virtual one-on-one workshop specifically designed to give you a plan of action when it comes to growing your church donations.

Expect to Receive the Following during Your Double Your Donors Discovery Session…

  • A growth audit, which allows you to view areas of strength and weakness in your church fundraising efforts.
  • The 8 critical core disciplines of online marketing and fundraising for your church and ministry.
  • The framework for your Donor Journey.
  • An example of the growth scorecard model, which allows you to document and measure what pages are being visited, how donors are coming in, what makes them start to contribute, and so much more.

You are here because your donations are low or stagnant. Let us help you identify why, and how to move past these roadblocks in your mission.

Don’t guess about next month’s funds, have predictability in your donation efforts. Act today and have certainty in tomorrow.