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7 Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

If you take away anything from the past couple of years, it’s this: Being flexible and quick to pivot is key.

Although the insurance industry was already changing before the pandemic, this massive health crisis left many agencies scrambling to shift. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid foundation while also ensuring your agency is prepared to adjust whenever necessary.

Ultimately, if you want to grow your agency and make it stand out, you need to be adaptable and proactive. 

Discover 7 marketing tips for insurance agents that will help you along the way.

What Is a Customer Avatar?

A customer avatar (sometimes referred to as a buyer persona, marketing persona, or customer profile) is a representation of your ideal customer—the type of person you want to purchase your products or services.

And it’s something that every business, including those in the insurance industry, should have. 


Because building out your customer avatar (and putting it to good use) can help you make the most of your marketing dollars. It serves as a guide that keeps you from wasting resources targeting the wrong people, being in the wrong place, and applying the wrong messaging. Ultimately, it’s the key to experiencing marketing and sales success. 

Learn exactly what a customer avatar consists of and how to put one together for your agency.

How to Get More Leads for Your Agency

Here’s a question for you: Where do people go when they want to find a solution to a problem?

That’s right—the internet. And if your agency isn’t showing up online in a big way, they’ll never find you.

When you have a strong online presence, online insurance lead generation is much, much easier. But besides that, it allows you to…

  • Make more money
  • Build relationships with your leads
  • Get a competitive advantage
  • Access more sales opportunities
  • Guide your leads to take certain actions

The key is to take the right approach and be where potential new policyholders are…

Explore 7 effective methods of online insurance lead generation.

FREE Style Guide Template & Guide

As you know, the insurance industry is highly competitive. That’s why aiming for consistency and memorability with your brand’s look and feel is essential.

If you find yourself needing…

  • To get your team on the same page regarding design in content
  • A faster way to answer your team’s questions about what fonts and colors to use on your site, on social media, and in print
  • One document you can share that contains your colors, fonts, logo, and tagline—anything related to building your brand

…then this style guide template is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Download the template to start developing a comprehensive brand for your insurance agency.

Request a FREE 50-Point Marketing Audit

Are you frustrated that your agency’s marketing efforts aren’t delivering the desired results? Then it may be time to get some expert insight…

Our free marketing audit covers various aspects of your online presence. That’s because we believe you can’t analyze anything in isolation. Each component of marketing works together as a complete system. 

Here are the main areas we review:

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Lead Generation
  • Performance
  • Setup & Integrations

Stop wondering how your efforts could be improved. Request a free marketing audit today to get the insight you need to begin making changes that will drive growth for your insurance agency!