Infusionsoft User Groups-Chicago, Denver, San Antonio and Milwaukee

Infusionsoft User Group Meetings hosted by Viral Solutions



Please RSVP using the Private Facebook Group and/or using the form below.

NOTE: If you do not see your city in the form below, please join our private Facebook group to attend virtual Facebook Live sessions:

One of our core values here at Viral Solutions is to “Give Back.” Part of Viral Solutions giving back is through the hosting and sponsoring of local Infusionsoft® User Groups.

Although we host, and facilitate these groups, they are for YOU.

We cover topics that you suggest or request. We cover all things Infusionsoft, and even some things that are outside of Infusionsoft. We encourage your feedback, thoughts, and opinions in the meeting as well as in the private Facebook group that’s free to join: Infusionsoft User Group on Facebook

Currently, we host Infusionsoft User Group Meetings in Chicago, Illinois; Denver, Colorado; and San Antonio, Texas.

Bring your questions, requests, or problems and we will help you answer them. If you would like to share a success story, we welcome that as well! Meet with small business owners and Infusionsoft users like you to discuss marketing tips, sales advice and discover new ways you can use Infusionsoft.

Not an Infusionsoft user yet? You are welcome to join in to see if this is the solution for you!

What happens at an Infusionsoft User Group?

  • Meet with other Infusionsoft users in your area.
  • Discuss using Infusionsoft, strategies, and tactics.
  • Gather new ideas and share product feedback.
  • Share helpful sales and marketing tips.
  • Join fellow Infusionsoft Users at our group meeting
  • When? Each location meets once per month. Email reminders are sent two weeks in advance. Find our latest schedule at out Infusionsoft User Group private page on FacebookJust send us a request to join the group, and we will promptly accept. Use this link to find the group:
  • Where? We have standard meeting locations that are near you! When you signup for an Infusionsoft User Group meeting, you will receive notices of the location for that month’s meeting, 15 days in advance of the meeting. Location rarely changes, but can change based upon the needs of the group attendees and occasional guest speakers.


Registration is always FREE!

Chicago, IL | Friday, March 3rd 9:30am CT
Location: Private Residence & Facebook Live [Join this group to watch on Facebook live]
For more details please fill out the form below

Denver, CO (February 28th @ 9:30 A.M. Mountain Time)

San Antonio, TX at The Broadway Residences (March 28th, 9:30 AM Central Time)



Is there a dress code?

  • Many attendees are coming straight from work and will head back to work after, so business casual is common amongst attendees, but there is not a set dress code that’s required of anyone… so if you’re just set on wearing pajamas to these, knock yourself out! 🙂

Where can I park? Is parking easy at each of these locations?

  • Parking is very easy at each of these locations. Should you have any trouble finding the location or somewhere to park, please call our office number: (888) 816-1222

Are these monthly events ONLY for advanced users of Infusionsoft?

  • DEFINITELY NOT! However, there are regularly very advanced discussions that may be a bit too much for those who are new to Infusionsoft. We do our best to get a sense of the skill level at each event and cater the educational information to such.

Free coffee?

  • You got it! We also often give away books, Starbucks gift cards, and other fun stuff at each of these events!