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Helping clients with Infusionsoft is how Viral Solutions got its start. We ourselves use the software every day in every facet of our business. It is truly an amazing and all-encompassing marketing tool.

Infusionsoft Certified Consultant

At Viral Solutions, we offer a few different options to help clients with Infusionsoft:

Infusionsoft Set-up: If you are brand new to Infusionsoft, and have not quite started using it yet, then you might want to seriously consider this service before you continue to move forward. As stated before, Infusionsoft is extremely powerful thanks to many aspects that are able to happen “in the background”, however you must first tell Infusionsoft what you want to happen “in the background.” No different than building a house — you first need a solid and steady foundation; Infusionsoft is no different.

Infusionsoft API: The Infusionsoft API is needed to do advanced customizations of Infusionsoft and complex data transfers. The Infusionsoft API allows you to integrate the tools your team already uses on a daily basis into Infusionsoft using a secure data connection.

PlusThis: PlusThis is hands-down the best add-on for Infusionsoft. As a certified partner of PlusThis, we are able to help you create automated webinar funnels, SMS/text messaging sequences, sync your email list to FB for retargeting purposes, scarcity triggers, and much much more.

Infusionsoft Campaigns and Automated Sales Funnels: Need help building out a campaign? One of the most powerful parts of Infusionsoft is the almighty campaign builder. This is where you can build extremely customized, unique and automated campaigns. You can use it to trigger actions, tasks, emails, follow-up calls, and much more! However, keep in mind that when you are talking about automating a process, you have to be sure everything is perfectly in place and you are only automating what will not require human interaction.

If you have a campaign that you need help building we offer one-time campaign builds, show you the ins and outs of it and then turn it over to you! Our goal is to build and provide you with a campaign that is as low maintenance as possible.

• Infusionsoft Opportunity Management:  Do you know when you’re losing potential customers in your sales process? Do you know how long your sales process, on average, takes? Infusionsoft opportunities can help you track these common processes in your business so that you know how much time and money you’re spending to convert a stranger into a customer.

Infusionsoft Referral Partners/Affiliate Programs Management:Do you want to build out an automated selling system where others grow your business for YOU AND you only pay them when they sell one of your products and/or services?! Having affiliates promote your brand is a great, low-risk way to drive revenue growth.

Infusionsoft Membership Sites:Membership sites can be used in all kinds of ways: sell online courses, internal employee training, customer self management, protected video/audio/text content, and build out a private portal for your affiliates. All of these different ways you can use a membership site can be integrated seamlessly with your Infusionsoft application. Our preferred membership platform to build with is Memberium, which is a toll that makes membership sites using both WordPress and Infusionsoft.

Monthly Maintenance: Next to attending our User Groups, this is our most popular service. Often times our clients realize they don’t have the time, knowledge or ability to both run their day-to-day operations and also set up all their marketing and more in Infusionsoft.
If every time you log in to your application you are wishing or thinking “why can’t someone else just do this for me?” stop right where you are, and give us a call! Seriously, before deciding the problem is the software, and you throw it out the window, let’s talk.

Don’t have an Infusionsoft application yet?

Viral Solutions is able to provide you with all the same discounts and promotions you can get directly from Infusionsoft, but for the same price you get more than $2500 worth of additional services, products, expertise and support!

The choice to get started with Infusionsoft could be a huge difference-maker for your company. Contact us today at Viral Solutions for more information about what Infusionsoft can do for you.

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Listen to What Our Clients Say About Us

Why I choose Viral Solutions, Inc. to do our automated relationship marketing: As an author and developer of the Money Mastery® Personal Financial System, I have long realized that our strength of product is the effectiveness of the program. Our weakest link, however, is marketing. I also realized that there is a big difference between sales and marketing. Our weakest link to volume sales has been the absence of lead volume, which can only come from marketing. In the midst of a continuing barrage of appeals to us from all kinds of services, such as SEO, direct mail, telemarketing, web design, web building, and app design, app building, webinars, video experts, marketing training, Google AdWords, and “experts” of every kind, I have learned that today, the single most important marketing effort must be made via the instrumentation of social media! I further realized that social media marketing needs two compatible components: 1. An ideal tool, and 2. An expert with the tool. We have used the Infusionsoft tool for years, realizing over time that we are severely under-utilizing it, but realizing the magnificence of the tool, and the uniqueness of its capability. Now, the expert; Viral Solutions, LLC. They came to us via recommendations of the folks at Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft recommended Viral Solutions, Inc. as their “top certified third party provider”. After spending a day with Thomas von Ahn and Christine Kelly, we were convinced they are perfect for us. We are excited to be under contract with them, and believe they are the best possible choice to build sales volume for our on line membership sales program.
Alan Williams
Tom with Viral Solutions has been invaluable in my learning of Infusionsoft. He does not hesitate to go over the same concepts multiple times and he genuinely cares about his clients. Tom even took the time for an hour call with me when he was on vacation because I had a deadline to meet.
Jack Vinton
Pros: Viral Solutions is my secret weapon. Cons: I wish I would have found them five years ago and hired them. I run a small engineering company. I was trying to do it all. I get busy with work, then I neglect marketing. After I sell services, there’s a feast but no marketing followed by a famine. I was trying to develop a system to connect with my existing customers, build referrals, and get repeat business. Then I found Infusionsoft. Problem was I didn’t have time for Infusionsoft. It’s like having a shiny new car parked in the driveway without having the keys. Then I found Viral Solutions. Tom and Christine helped me put together the pieces and make it work consistently. They gave me the keys to that shiny new car. They are an important part of my business team. They are technologically savvy and knowledgeable. With them, I can market better than the big boys.
John Thomazin, CEO of REDI Engineering
I am so grateful to be working with this talented, caring and amazing group. As a small business it is hard wearing so many hats and it can be overwhelming at times. It is a comfort to know that I can leave a number of my responsibilities in their hands and they have proven that my confidence is not misplaced. I trust Christine and Tom 100% and I am so thankful for their incredible guidance and support. They truly know their business and take pride in their work and happily share their knowledge. I honestly feel like they care for my business the same way I do and that they are as excited for my successes as I am. I can’t imagine doing business without them ever again. They are a permanent part of my team and I am truly grateful for them.
Kim Hodges
It is a pleasure working with Christine at Viral Solutions. She and her partner, Tom are so knowledgeable on Infusionsoft and Christine is so patient and helpful in coaching us. We are new to the software and she not only shows us the ropes but also provides us tons of information on things that we need to know but wouldn’t know to ask due to our lack of experience. She also records our meetings so we don’t have to worry about jotting down notes and wasting our valuable consultation time. It is so nice to have a recording to reference as we are working on our own. Finally, Christine and Tom really understand the sales cycle and what client’s need. They are never pushy, very flexible and the turnaround on projects is very quick. I would and have highly recommended VS to colleagues and friends. They are truly in it for the long term with their clients.
Rosalyn Stewart
We have used so many ‘so called’ online social media experts and been terribly disappointed at every turn. THEN WE FOUND Viral Solutions and our world changed. Tom and his team have systematized everything you need to build your social audience and drive traffic to your site. Not only that, their content creation team are second to none. From a standing start, we had them writing blog articles for us that required very little if no editing before releasing them to our site. I could not recommend Viral Solutions more strongly to anyone considering social engagement with their audience.
Sean McDonald
When I met Thomas at an Infusionsoft monthly meeting I was given a gift. Being 62 years old and trying to learn the intricacies of Infusionsoft not only gave me a headache, but made me question my initial decision to use the software. Thomas and Christine are both consummate professionals. I was taught early on by my business coach that you should do what you do best and outsource the rest. I am GREAT at fitness – I outsource my marketing, CRM, bookkeeping etc… Having Viral Solutions as my partner in my business has been wonderful. Just the thought of trying to teach my admins how to use Infusionsoft scared me. Having Thomas and Christine as my partners has made my teaching of the basics so much easier for my team. I highly recommend Viral Solutions as your partner for Infusionsoft usage. If you are like me and want to enjoy the results of this powerful software without the hassles (and what entrepreneur wouldn’t want that), you must call them and use their expertise. Thank you Thomas and Christine. I will continue to refer you to my network and once again, thank you for being on my team and my partners.
Sharan Tash
Tom… Your the best… Thanks for jumping on our integration issue between ClickFunnels > Infusionsoft > GetDropStream … this has been driving us bonkers for the last 4 days and you fixed it in minutes.. Thanks for your help and add another happy customer to your growing list.
Tom Nyiri